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Bleeding Hearts By Lindy Cameron
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Poison pens can draw blood. And that is exactly why TV presenter Rebecca Jones hires private eye Kit O'Malley to investigate the threats against her. But the trouble with being tenacious, tough, and... More > too smart for her own good is that everybody else wants her on their team. As if trying to keep Rebecca alive and on the air wasn't enough, Kit is beset by a clutch of other people's catastrophes that require her very particular skills to resolve. And, as Kit is the detective who can't say no, before she knows it she is up to her eyes in the worst that Australia's criminal minds can throw her way. Money laundering, sordid sexual shenanigans, abduction, political sleaze, and murder among Melbourne's movers and shakers threaten to swamp Kit as she picks her way through the morass of double-dealing, treachery, and outright greed.< Less
Meaner Than Fiction By Lindy Cameron
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MEANER THAN FICTION: A country GP found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time when an angry patient went looking for someone with whom he could share his pain. Dr Andrew Taylor was working an... More > ordinary Saturday morning shift when he was shot repeatedly by an armed and deluded man who simply needed to show any doctor he could find, just how upset he was with the world at large. Random shootings like this are unusual in Australia and the bizarre unfairness of what happened to Dr Taylor did not end on the day he was shot. Appx: 10,400 words< Less
Thicker Than Water By Lindy Cameron
eBook (ePub): $7.07
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Third in the PI series, Thicker than Water finds Kit O'Malley trying not to become too embroiled in the feud between three Melbourne crime families, while dealing with ghosts from her past, and a... More > strange missing persons case. The women's bar known as Angie's is the last place anyone expected to find the dead body of known-criminal Gerry Anders, and O'Malley soon discovers that helping her family of friends out of trouble can be just as dangerous as facing a deranged killer - only more complicated. She has to deal with an old nemesis from her days of the force; the matriarch of the notorious Riley clan, who takes a liking to her; a troublemaking journalist; and a Romeo and Juliet scenario. Kit's ex-partner, Detective Inspector Jon Marek, is not coping with the ugly reality of his on-going hunt for a serial killer; and, as the Feds are still spying on everyone, Kit's courtship of the gorgeous Alex Cazenove remains under wraps.< Less
Golden Relic By Lindy Cameron
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A rollicking good yarn that mixes detective fiction with Indiana Jones-style adventure. When Professor Lloyd Marsden is found murdered in the Museum of Victoria, Special Detective Sam Diamond is... More > assigned to catch the killer. Thrown into a world of obsessive collectors, strange poisons, funerary rites and ancient artefacts, Sam's photographic memory and cryptic crossword skills are invaluable tools in her investigation. But when archaeologist Dr Maggie Tremaine whisks her halfway round the world in pursuit of the truth, Sam finds way more questions than answers. From Australia to Egypt to Peru Sam and Maggie hunt down the clues to a strange pact and a legendary relic. This novel was originally written for ICOM '98, the International Council of Museums' triennial conference, hosted by the Museum of Victoria in 1998. The ICOM '98 committee had the novel idea of promoting the prestigious conference, and its host city Melbourne, by commissioning a crime novel set in the museum world.< Less

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