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Binaural Beats Healing for Everyone: Heal Yourself With Powerful Binaural Beats By Bell Torres
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Walking into any spa, massage center, beauty center and the likes, the first thing one would notice is the tranquil and quiet surroundings that are only “broken” by the equally... More > intoxication tranquil sounding light music in the background. Similar yet different to this is the binaural beats. The underlying reason for using this type of music is similar and so is the intended goal. Binaural beats are sounds that are supposed to stimulate the brain in specific ways. These sounds have been claimed to help induce relaxation, meditation, creativity and other desirable mental states. Here's what you will find inside this book: Binaural Beats the basics; DNA stimulation facts; Using Binaural Beats for deep sleep; Healing addictions with Binaural Beats; Awaken creativity with Binaural Beats; Binaural Beats for relaxation and healing psychological issues; Using Binaural Beats to enter a deep meditation state; How to make Binaural Beats; How to use Binaural Beats properly and what precautions to take.< Less

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