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Psychic Art - Two Books In One By Saleire
Paperback: $35.73
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Two books in one to help you discover the world of psychic art. A beginners guide and a more advanced guide to help you progress as you begin your work for Spirit. You will find that Guides come as... More > Angels, Fairies, Star Beings and so much more in this exploration of the wonderful beings that guide, protect and love us unconditionally. If you can't draw, don't worry, this book will help you achieve what you want to, all you have to do is trust in spirit and let them do the guiding. Anyone can do psychic art; it just takes dedication, an open mind and lots of love in your heart to connect to the other side and out into the universe.< Less
Paperback: $8.42
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This book is a follow up to my other book for beginners and shows you the progress you can make in a very short time, if you decide to take up psychic art. In here you will see the kinds of guides... More > that come through, and some will surely amaze you if you only thought guides were Angels and Loved Ones.< Less
Tarot of Gold By Saleire
Paperback: $8.98
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A delightful rendition of the Visconti decks by Saleire. If you would like this beautiful deck for your collection, go to
Oracle In Your Pocket III By Saleire
Paperback: $10.42
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Did you ever want the answer to a question and just open up a book, at a random page and seek the answer there? Well, this is exactly that book, full of messages that can give you answer, messages... More > and advice on what you could do with your day. You will have so much fun with friends and family when you begin to read. Open this when you need a little boost to your day and you will find something in there to cheer you up, or put things in perspective for you. It's fun and for entertainment, but who knows what it might mean to you. Like a little friend in your pocket, always ready to give some advice and make you smile.< Less