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Granville Co. N.C. - Ejectments - Volume 1 (1788-1817) By Stewart Dunaway
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Ejectment is the common law term for civil action to recover the possession of and title to land. It replaced the old Real Actions as well as the various possessory assizes. Though still used in some... More > places, the term is now obsolete in many common law jurisdictions, in which possession and title are contested via the actions of eviction and quiet title, respectively. Granville County was formed in 1746, from Edgecombe County (formed in 1741 from Bertie). Granville was reduced in size, when Orange County gets part of the western side in 1752. Bute County was formed in 1764, from Granville County and then abolished in 1779, when Franklin and Warren County was created. The last division occurred in 1881, when Vance County was created from parts of Granville, Warren and Franklin counties. Granville County has a 5-box collection spanning from 1788 to 1886. This book contains box 1. Subsequent volumes may be released as time is allocated to this effort.< Less
Granville County, N.C. - Miscellaneous Land Records - Vol 2 (1742-1914) By Stewart Dunaway
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This is the second (and final) volume containing miscellaneous land records for Granville County. This volume (containing the second box)contains maps, drawings, plats, etc. along with other land... More > oriented documents, as preserved by the NC State Archives. SEE VOLUME ONE for more information about the county and this collection.< Less
Richmond County, N.C. - Road Records - Vol. 3 - (1850-1909) By Stewart Dunaway
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Richmond was formed in 1779 from part of Anson County. It will remain intact with these original boundaries until 1899, when Scotland County is formed from part of its eastern side. Anson was formed... More > from the western part of Bladen County in 1750, and then will be divided up a number of times to form other counties, Rowan (1753), Mecklenburg (1762), Montgomery (1779), Richmond (1779), and Union (1842). Richmond County Road Records (1778-1826) contain some older records, yet, past the 18th century, the records become more prolific, still providing some insight to early routes. The bridge records for this county were separated and were preserved from 1790 until 1897. Also included is a box of ferry (1784 – 1857) and mill records (1790-1875), which are also included in the first volume. This is the third and final volume, to finalize transcribing Richmond’s three-box (roads) collection of records. This box includes undated records – which could fill in missing documents in the prior two volumes.< Less
Lenoir County, N.C. - Road Records (1906-1921) By Stewart Dunaway
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Lenoir County was formed in 1791 from Dobbs County (Dobbs was formed in 1758 and abolished in 1791). Despite the age, the older records were not preserved. Lenoir was never reduced in size since its... More > formation.The first volume (published in 2013) has the first box of road records (1878-1904) and includes ferry and bridge records. Also included in the first volume was one folder of mill records from 1906. This volume completes this county collection, by finalizing the road records from 1906 to 1921 and one folder of undated records. Sadly, these records contain primarily receipts and vouchers pertaining to road work (and bridge repairs) for the county – as opposed to petitions etc. However, this book provides great insight into the shift of effort – away from petitions to a county maintenance process. BECAUSE of the MANY detailed receipts, I did NOT photograph everyone on in this box (e.g. receipt for a box of nails).Therefore, if you are researching or auditing these records – STOP. Go to the archives.< Less