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Caswell County, N.C. - Ordinary Bonds (1777-1815) By Stewart Dunaway
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Caswell County Tavern Bonds is the largest county collection in the state archives (Raleigh). Although theses licenses were renewed yearly, it clearly documents the Ordinaries in this county. Since... More > these bonds are dated from 1777, this will include Person County, which was carved out of the eastern half of Caswell in 1791. I have included database tables sorted by location, and name, so that it will be easier to see a summary of the information within this LARGE collection. A few bonds include locations (towns) of the Ordinary (term for a Tavern), although most bonds defined the Ordinaries as being in their homes. Caswell County was carved out of (northern) Orange County in 1777.< Less
Life and Times of Edmund Fanning (1739-1818) By Stewart Dunaway
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The Fanning Family (Edmund’s line) is a very old American family, arriving in Connecticut in 1653, the family will migrate to Long Island and establish a large plantation. Edmund will leave his... More > multi-generation home to migrate to North Carolina to practice law (Yale grad). Edmund Fanning was a controversial person in Colonial Hillsborough, NC. Nevertheless, despite these issues, this well educated man becomes a governor of Prince Edward Island (Canada), for almost 20 years. This book contains genealogy, family history, maps (CT and L.I.), as well as detailed land records in Hillsborough, N.C. This book contains reconciliation of his confiscated property, due to his strong loyalist support during the American Revolution.< Less
Proprietor Grants of North Carolina - A Collection of Original Grants (1672-1728) By Stewart Dunaway
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This book contains images of ORIGINAL Proprietor Grants. These rare (and early) grants were found in a number of manuscript collections across the State of N.C. - Each grant has a computer generated... More > plat (if possible) showing the land and associated streams, corners etc. This book includes an in depth review of the Proprietors history - as well as their petition to the King to sell him back their interest. All but one Proprietor agreed with the King, and Lord John Carteret will become Earl Granville and then have his one-eighth ownership allocated to him in North Carolina. This will be known as the Granville District - and the Granville Land Grants. NOTE: THIS BOOK IS NOT A COMPLETE REFERENCE to all 3,400 grants. M. Hofmann has already published a book on this large collection. However, NO original grants were included.< Less
Lenoir County, N.C. - Road Records - Vol 2 - (1906-1921) By Stewart Dunaway
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Lenoir County was formed in 1791 from Dobbs County (Dobbs was formed in 1758 and abolished in 1791). Despite the age, the older records were not preserved. Lenoir was never reduced in size since its... More > formation.The first volume (published in 2013) has the first box of road records (1878-1904) and includes ferry and bridge records. Also included in the first volume was one folder of mill records from 1906. This volume completes this county collection, by finalizing the road records from 1906 to 1921 and one folder of undated records. Sadly, these records contain primarily receipts and vouchers pertaining to road work (and bridge repairs) for the county – as opposed to petitions etc. However, this book provides great insight into the shift of effort – away from petitions to a county maintenance process. BECAUSE of the MANY detailed receipts, I did NOT photograph everyone on in this box (e.g. receipt for a box of nails).Therefore, if you are researching or auditing these records – STOP. Go to the archives.< Less