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Death—and After? By Annie Besant
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Who does not remember the story of the Christian missionary in Britain, sitting one evening in the vast hall of a Saxon king, surrounded by his thanes, having come thither to preach the gospel of his... More > Master; and as he spoke of life and death and immortality, a bird flew in through an unglazed window, circled the hall in its flight, and flew out once more into the darkness of the night. The Christian priest bade the king see in the flight of the bird within the hall the transitory life of man, and claimed for his faith that it showed the soul, in passing from the hall of life, winging its way not into the darkness of night, but into the sunlit radiance of a more glorious world. Out of the darkness, through the open window of Birth, the life of a man comes to the earth; it dwells for a while before our eyes; into the darkness, through the open window of Death, it vanishes out of our sight. And man has questioned ever of Religion, Whence comes it? Whither goes it? and the answers have varied with the faiths.< Less
Thought-Forms By Annie Besant, C. W. Leadbeater
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As knowledge increases, the attitude of science towards the things of the invisible world is undergoing considerable modification. Its attention is no longer directed solely to the earth with all its... More > variety of objects, or to the physical worlds around it; but it finds itself compelled to glance further afield, and to construct hypotheses as to the nature of the matter and force which lie in the regions beyond the ken of its instruments. Ether is now comfortably settled in the scientific kingdom, becoming almost more than a hypothesis. Mesmerism, under its new name of hypnotism, is no longer an outcast. Contents: 1. THE DIFFICULTY OF REPRESENTATION 2. THE TWO EFFECTS OF THOUGHT HOW THE VIBRATION ACTS THE FORM AND ITS EFFECT 3. THE MEANING OF THE COLOURS 4. THREE CLASSES OF THOUGHT-FORMS ILLUSTRATIVE THOUGHT-FORMS VARIOUS EMOTIONS FORMS SEEN IN THOSE MEDITATING 5. HELPFUL THOUGHTS 6. FORMS BUILT BY MUSIC< Less