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Bully By Rita Michaels
eBook (ePub): $2.77
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Sam is a loner who hates school. He realizes that his humility, and his attempts to escape his bullies are not enough to keep them away from him. Daily, he dreads waking up to face struggles with... More > life at home, and in school. He is tormented by his bully stepfather, and schoolmates without reasons. Tired and hopeless with the school authority turning a blind eye to his predicament, he takes matters into his own hands and exerts a permanent action against his tormentors to end his misery.< Less
Mermaid By Rita Michaels
eBook (PDF): $1.88
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On a hot summer day, and on a popular beach; while soaking in the beauty of nature, Colin encounters an entity different from his kind. He is cast under a spell by a mermaid and sucked beneath the... More > beach water where he is taken to an unknown world. He is assigned on a mission against his human kind, and given certain rules to follow in exchange for his heart desire. With time, he gets too comfortable and breaks a golden rule requiring him to never fall in love with a woman. The consequences are dire, and there is no forgiveness in their book. Colin flees for his life, and protects the outcome of his disobedience; his unborn baby. Can he elude them, or will they catch up with him and end his life?< Less
Alien Offspring By Rita Michaels
eBook (ePub): $2.01
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Tallulah was abducted without her knowledge and forced to have intercourse with one of the aliens.After previously having series of miscarriages, she became pregnant and her husband was overjoyed and... More > unaware their baby was a hybrid on a mission.< Less