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Life Worth Living: What Does It Mean to Truly Live? By Zechariah Barrett
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In an ever connected world of Insta-inspiration and so many selfies, what does it mean to live life to the fullest? What part is religion playing in either detracting or promoting a life worth... More > living? In under 300 words, Zechariah shares food for thought about a life worth living.< Less
The Detective Games (2-in-1): Trial by Firefight | Beyond Chivalry By Zechariah Barrett
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This hardcover edition includes both of The Detective Games serials released to-date (2015), with #1: Trial by Firefight and #2: Beyond Chivalry. Titus Tyran Musibet is the king of the criminal... More > underworld. His prowess and insanity make for an uncanny combination. He has committed international crimes in such a short frame of time that it would seem impossible. The world's best detectives have been gathered to combat this threat... but will they be a match for Titus? Or will they become puppets in his grand plan?< Less
The Detective Games - #1: Trial By Firefight By Zechariah Barrett
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Leor is a simple detective. A gentleman, at that. His case record is pristine and loose ends are something he scoffs at. Until he meets Joe Holmes. Then Jean. He finds one detective after another... More > is after the same singular thread. He speculates that this thread is one of many, a portion of strings with one great orchestrator whose motive is malevolence. As ambiguity grows and the danger is heightened, Leor wonders if this is one case he should've left in his past. In this first serial: "Trial by Firefight", the story truly begins. Leading up to and past the events of the teaser, Leor seeks the truth surrounding his previous case, that of "Désolé Mansion." But when his investigation leads to a fight for his life, Leor realizes he's gotten in too deep. This third edition includes an explanation of French terminology used within the context of the story, as well as a teaser of Beyond Chivalry — the next installment in The Detective Games series!< Less
The Detective Games - #2: Beyond Chivalry By Zechariah Barrett
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Join detectives Leor and Jean as they journey through France by helicopter – seeing the beauty of the land and listening to the sound of an accordion, fading into the night. Peaceful as it... More > is, they quickly find that France is home not only to love and lights, but to peril. The detectives visit Giverny and coincidentally disrupt a diamond heist. They visit Paris, but there's a maniacal man waiting at the Notre Dame. In Ireland, Joe and Aedus hunt down their enemy, but they don't realize the traitor in their midst. The Detective Games continue.< Less