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Math Mammoth Samples Answer Key By Maria Miller
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This is the answer key for the free samples of Math Mammoth Blue Series books by Maria Miller. You can download the free sample pages & worksheets themselves at website at each... More > product page of the Blue Series books. Another way to download the free sample pages is to sign up for the email tour or newsletter at, as you will then get download links for the samples as zip files.< Less
Math Mammoth Add & Subtract 2-A By Maria Miller
Paperback: $10.95
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Math Mammoth Add & Subtract 2-A is a self-teaching worktext about addition and subtraction on a late first-grade / early second-grade level. The book teaches the basic addition facts of... More > single-digit numbers where the answer goes over ten, and how to use them with subtraction. It also deals with the concept of 'completing the ten', and how to use that when adding as well as subtracting. Later in the book various fact families are studied. This book is not tied to any grade level; however it best fits first and second grade math. Full answers are appended. This book is best followed by Math Mammoth Add & Subtract 2-B, in which the emphasis is on learning how to carry when adding in columns, and how to borrow when subtracting in columns.< Less
Math Mammoth Clock By Maria Miller
Paperback: $10.85
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The Math Mammoth Clock workbook is designed especially for homeschooling parents. It is a work text (meaning it contains both the teaching and the exercises) that you will find easy to teach from... More > without the need of a separate teacher's manual. This book covers reading the clock, figuring out simple time intervals, and using the calendar, all in one book. The topics progress starting from the first grade level to the third grade level. So, your child can work the pages of this book in different time periods if desired. The lessons are divided into the grade-levels: reading the clock to the half-hour for first grade; reading the clock to the five-minute intervals is second grade; and reading the clock to the minute is third grade level. The material in this book becomes more difficult towards the end. You will need a practice clock so the child can turn the clock hands. Reading the clock is a skill that will be used in everyday situations.< Less
Math Mammoth Integers By Maria Miller
Paperback: $8.75
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Math Mammoth Integers worktext covers all important integer (signed numbers) topics for middle school (grades 5-8), with instructions written directly to the student. The first topic in the book is... More > integers themselves, presented on a number line (negative and positive numbers) and tied in with temperature. Next we move on to modeling additions and subtractions as movements on a number line. Another model used in the book for addition is that of counters or chips. One lesson explains the shortcut for subtracting a negative integer using three different viewpoints (difference, counters, and number line movements). Multiplication and division of integers is explained using counters, first of all, and then relying on the properties of multiplication and division. We use multiplication and division in the context of enlarging or shrinking geometric figures in the coordinate grid.< Less