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Love Trust & Forgive By Sarah Flowers
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K.C. told Gita to stay with her brother for awhile to make sure all’s well with the idiot. She checked him again before leaving, walked out of his room at 4 A.M. with a devilish grin. Of... More > all times, who should see her but Leif, Jr. who lost it! “Just what the hell, are you doing com-ing out of a man’s room at 4 in the morning? In a nightgown I see, how convenient!” K.C. looked at Leif, “I…owe you no explan-ations of my comings or going! I have one thing to say, “Go to hell!” walked to her room, locked the door. In his anger Leif knocked on Luzzio’s door. Gita opened it, “Oh its Leif, its okay we don’t need ano-ther Doctor, K.C. took care of my brother.” Leif’s in a daze at what he just heard, “What’s wrong Gita?” she explained Luzzio had an allergic reaction to the shell fish. He wondered how to get K.C. to forgive him for jumping to a wrong conclu-sion. He knocked on her door, she wouldn’t answer…< Less
Forget Me Not By Sarah Flowers
Paperback: $25.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
“Sorry Luci…” Grace gulped wanting to stran-gle Luci, but can’t. She better watch it, can’t rock the boat, Sam will kill her. “Where will you go, will you open... More > your own office?” “I haven’t made any decisions yet. I do have several tempting offers, “What about your firend here, Luci?” “Grace, are you interrogating me?” “No why would I do that?” “At the moment I don’t know, I’m sure time will tell.” Sure enough time…was standing in the corner, she wanted to run or die. He had a beautiful woman dangling on his arm. Didn’t he always, probably his wife? He walked over, leaving the woman behind. “Hello Lu, it’s been a long time. God…you’re gor-geous, sexy as hell and all grown up,” oh boy do they have an audience, especially a grinning Uncle Joe. “Yes it has, apparently not enough or far enough away. Thank you for the compliment, yes I have grown up!” she snapped at him. How can he talk like this to her with that woman here? Oh yes, he’s Storm Hollis…< Less
Mission Campo's Revenge By Sarah Flowers
Paperback: $16.00
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Anthony roared, went after him, Leo had a gun pointed it at him, made him turn or he’d shoot him. He did Leo struck him on his head knocking him unconscious. Carol, Leo’s girlfriend... More > worse of the girls ripped Caryn’s blouse off. Smacked her, kicked her from behind. With a heated branding iron, burned WOP into her shoulder, “You won’t wear a strapless gown anymore bitch!” Caryn never uttered a sound and in terrible pain. The guys tossed her to each other, made sure to tear a piece of clothing off. Scum-ball Leo’s so excited at finally going to rape the WOP that he shot himself in the foot. He put the gun into unconscious Anthony’s hand. He’s going to do what he really came for. Yelled, “I’m going to screw the WOP slut 1st!” threw Caryn to the floor, 4 guys held her hands and feet, dropped his pants with his penis in erection. She’s wiggling making him furious. He went to kick her, before he could, there stood the Ambrose’s, Father and Son holding shot guns.< Less
Only You By Sarah Flowers
Paperback: $16.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
In Chance went and Dina froze. Stared at him went white as a ghost. She thought, how dare he come here? Finally regaining her composure quickly said, “I have to leave Dad, a few pressing things... More > I must take care of. I’ll see you guys at the office, we will make plans for the party there.” Ross thought aha, this must be the bastard that broke her heart. So he answered, “Sure thing sweetheart, what ever you want, you got it!” Chance wanted to sock the guy. His guts were twist-ed, who the hell is this guy calling her sweetheart? The party? What kind? Engagement? Rehearsal party for the wedding? What? Dina called out, “Guards I’m ready!” Out she went, practically running. She heard Chance under his breath say, “Little bitch!”< Less

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