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Dead Detectives Tell No Tales By Jessica A. Gunderson
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When Riley Starr is invited to go on a tropical cruise in the Caribbean with her family, she can’t pass up the opportunity for a little bit of rest and relaxation! Plans change, however, when... More > modern-day pirates hijack the cruise ship in an attempt to kidnap Riley, leaving the passengers lost at sea. A nearby island welcomes Riley’s family to stay and celebrate Pirates Weekend with festivities like the Plunder Challenge, but all Riley can think about is why the pirates were after her. After speaking to a blind woman on the island, Riley stumbles upon another mystery of a hidden cove, which is rumored to have magical healing properties. Riley’s vacation turns into one puzzle after the other as she connects the pieces between the pirates’ history, the island’s history, and her own family history. Although there are rough seas ahead, Riley is anchors aweigh, ready to discover the secrets of the Caribbean.< Less
Pick Your Poison Apple By Jessica A. Gunderson
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When Riley Starr is assigned to her second case in Melrose, Virginia, she is in for a not-so-sweet surprise. Not only must she find the secret treasure hidden within Warren Palatine's mansion, but... More > she also has to find the culprit guilty of poisoning the Apple Harvest Festival Queen. Events take a dastardly turn for the worse as the Melrose Annual Apple Harvest Festival is repeatedly sabotaged and lives are on the line. Time is short for Riley's detective team, and they must solve the case in one week or be forced to pack their bags and go home. Can they solve the mystery on time, or will there be deadly results< Less
To Bet or Not To Bet By Jessica A. Gunderson
eBook (PDF): $7.00
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When Riley and her friends go to Camp Gumshoe for the summer, they don’t expect to leave early due to an urgent case. Lolita Foxx, a famous actress in Las Vegas, has been kidnapped by Maestro,... More > a notorious gangster. In order to find where Lolita is being hidden, the detective squad must follow the clues Maestro has left for them. They have four days to solve the case, or Maestro will murder Lolita. Little do the detectives know that Maestro has a secret in store for the AUDA that will challenge them in ways they might not be prepared to face. Will Riley and her friends be able to solve the case on time, or is it lights out for Lolita?< Less
How to Keep a Secret for Detectives By Jessica A. Gunderson
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Riley may seem like your average teenager, except for one thing; she is secretly working for the AUDA, an undercover detective association for teenagers around the world. But unlike most of the... More > detectives, she is recruited a year later than everyone else and finds herself struggling to keep up with them. After attending the annual AUDA training camp called Camp Gumshoe, she embarks on her first case to an elite high school near Chicago, Illinois, where she and her friends must find proof that a certain suspect with a difficult past and a bad reputation is really behind the school’s vandalisms. Throughout the story, Riley faces challenges that will test her determination, courage, friendship, knowledge, confidence, and even her flirting skills to prove that she can be a top-notch detective. But there is one test that is the most difficult of them all; can she keep a secret?< Less