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Prayer and the Will of God By Jonathan Cooper
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Christians spend a lot of time talking about prayer. We ask other people to pray for us; we listen to prayer requests in church; we pray for healing; and we talk about the power of prayer. However,... More > one thing that we don't do very often is actually study prayer. Do we understand what sort of prayer requests God will answer – and what requests He refuses? How much do we really know about prayer? Have we ever stopped to think about it? This book takes a close look at what the Bible has to say about prayer. What sort of things did people in the Bible pray for, and how do their prayer requests compare to our own prayers? What requests did the Lord grant, and what requests did He reject? If we spend some time studying the Bible, we might get a very different picture of prayer than what we originally thought.< Less
Class 7: Malachi By Jonathan Cooper
Paperback: $6.99
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These are the lessons from a series of classes that I taught at my local church. The lessons cover the book of Malachi: The Burden of Prophecy, The Edomites, The Sins of Eli, Divorce, God Never... More > Changes, Tithing, The Book of Remembrance, The Rapture of the Wicked, The Return of Elijah, and more!< Less
Class 6: Ecclesiastes By Jonathan Cooper
Paperback: $4.99
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This book is a collection of lessons that I taught at my local church, on the subject of Ecclesiastes. The topics include: The Message of Ecclesiastes, Everything Matters, Time and Chance, Life is... More > Unfair, The Seasons of Life, and more!< Less
Beyond the Farthest Star By Jonathan Cooper
Hardcover: $22.99
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In the 19th century a great barrier was placed around the Solar System in order to protect the stars from the evil Spanish Emperor. In the 73rd century this barrier was finally shut down. Humanity... More > was once again free to reclaim the stars - but Earth and Mars are shadows of their former selves. The Earth is filled with mindless savages and all life on Mars is gone, save for one last city that is buried deep beneath the surface. Amy Stryker must find a way to rekindle civilization before the Martian ecosystem collapses and takes with it the future of mankind.< Less