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The Social Club By David J Rodger
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AN ORWELLIAN DETECTIVE STORY WITHIN A DAMAGED UNIVERSE. The Earth has suffered a cataclysmic event. London survives, but only just, through the authority of the Group that took control nearly ten... More > years ago. When the naked body of a man washes up on the banks of the Thames, the regime in charge tries to dismiss the death as another suicide. Senior Verifier Jadon Purgo has other ideas and as he digs through layers of deceit a gruesome truth begins to emerge... David J Rodger has crafted a claustrophobic vision of survivalism. The horrors of the world after Yellow Dawn are kept at bay through corruption and the idealism of rewarding success. But the real horror is what lies at the heart of this new London. This is a thriller you will not be able to put down or forget.< Less
EDGE By David J Rodger
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Ethan Carmichael is a global superstar in the world of tech. A luxury snowboarding resort in New Zealand seems like the perfect place to escape the pressure of the job. But the volcanic mountain is a... More > gateway to something not of this world, or even this Universe. For centuries it has been absent. The Maori spoke of it only in nightmares. Now it is returning, slowly yet inexorably, with monstrous consequences for those in the resort as madness takes hold, and then the murders start to happen. On the other side of the world, Halo Santana, an unscrupulous concept scout scrambles onto the trail of a new technology that has vanished from a corporate R&D lab. Quickly out of his depth, he enters a frantic race to track down the missing components before his buyers have him killed. Both men find their fates tangled in a deadly web of lies, treachery and alien horror. David J Rodger delivers relentless narrative pace in a tense action-packed novel.< Less
Yellow Dawn 2.5 Special Edition Hardcover By David J Rodger
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The Earth has been ravaged by viral pathogens, the death of billions observed by the orbital colonies and deep-space habitats that were largely unaffected by the Outbreak. Terrified of infection,... More > nobody came to help. Less than 30 percent survived the first few weeks. Then came the 2nd Wave of infection, spreading steadily outwards from the impact points, and that was when the horror really began... YELLOW DAWN: This book is crammed with everything you will need to create characters, run scenarios and experience horror and adventure in the fictional world of David J Rodger. FEATURES: The Influence of Hastur; Medical theories on the Infection; Zombie surges; Comprehensive scavenging system; Computer hacking and drug abuse; Non-human characters; Enhancements through cyberware and bioware; Weaponry, equipment and armour; Complex political, corporate and quasi-religious tensions; Schools of Elemental Magick, occultism, demonology, and the alien horrors of the Outer Chaos – the Cthulhu Mythos.< Less
Dante's Fool By David J Rodger
Paperback: $18.24
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Detective Sergeant Louis Cloud is a tough London cop hungry for power and promotion, and he'll do anything to get it. When two investigations cross each other around a mysterious deep space mining... More > corporation he quickly learns there are other forces out there - and things from other planes of reality - that will also stop at nothing to get what they want. With his life thrown into turmoil, Cloud struggles to keep his career and his sanity intact as he plunges towards a terrifying confrontation with one of the sub-princes of Hell. Hurled into this violent mix of corruption and demonism is Natalya Dorganskya; previously the adorable daughter of a deceased global movie-star, she now uses her skills as a world-class pilot in bold criminal raids. A path that quickly brings her head to head with DS Cloud and the non-human things that have come stalking through time and space to take back what she has stolen.< Less