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The Mountain is Exploding By Dee Dee Rivera
Paperback: $21.99
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This is the story of a young female Chakawati lemur, a lemur of the future, that inhabits the area around Mount St. Helens in Washington State. This story takes place 200 years after the mountain's... More > infamous eruption in 1980. A female Chakawati lemur is expecting a baby and finds a cavern on the side of a hill. Here is where the cub is brought up for the first few months of it's life, and then the volcano erupts. After that, he is taken to a rehab center and meets a female cub. This is an exciting story based on an event that scientists truly believe will happen again.< Less
A Tribute to Mount St. Helens By Dee Dee Rivera
Paperback: $23.95
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This story follows 2 different visitors to the mountain just days before the infamous eruption occurs. Bandit is going to the mountain with 3 of her friends, Reginald, Snowshoe and Wolfie, and have... More > trouble finding some lodgings. The first place they try, the lodge run by Harry Truman who became an icon with Mount St. Helens' awakening, did not work. But they find salvation elsewhere at another lodge that was ran by 17-year old Candi and her family. Candi is also a great admirer of geologist David Johnston, and becomes something of his "groupette".< Less
The Twister By Dee Dee Rivera
Paperback: $19.99
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A humorous twist on the Wizard of Oz story. Gracie, Mr. Blackwood, Kathy and all their friends are visiting Kathy's grandparents in Kansas. Unfortunately the night they are there, a twister rips... More > through town, and they all get caught up in it. Where does the twister take them? To Oz? No! The twister takes the group to the land called Gargantua, where all good celebrities go when they die.< Less
Futuristic Fight-Club By Dee Dee Rivera, Cathy Britton
Paperback: $16.99
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The future will be full of fascinating creatures. Some are tougher than others, as in the modern world. Here is the story of a Deinognathus and an anaconda, two species that in the Metazoic world... More > will clash together as predator and prey. Only the preying part of this story is taken out. But watch as these two heavyweights duke it up in the ring!< Less