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The Wizards of the Waterfall By Lisa-Marie Enaaja
Paperback: $16.63
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The Wizards of the Waterfall; are only to be found in story books and movies, although Leonardo's curiosity of a magical, spellbound land motivates him to take a journey he will never forget.... More > Leonardo and his friend Julian take the voyage together.< Less
A Story You Know, Two By Lisa-Marie Enaaja
Hardcover: $26.72
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"A Story You Know Two, is a fascinating Memoir and a courageously written Book. It is about the Author's experience with schizophrenia and harrowing visual, auditory hallucinations that visit... More > her and are an ever-present force that makes itself known as "Number Two," leaving her vulnerable and trapped in a world she does not understand and isolated even from those closest to her. . Her three admissions into a mental asylum result in her believing she is crazy: however she still somewhat doubts this fact. It sometimes seems she has a relationship with her hallucinations. It is a mystery that beguiles her everyday life and motivates her to be a truth-seeker.”< Less
The Poet and Magic of Life By Lisa-Marie Enaaja
Paperback: $23.13
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The Poet and Magic of Life, is a book full of awe-inspiring Poetry and enchanting Stories of the Author’s uniquely personal experiences from her life’s journey. This book will uplift... More > your spirits anytime of the day and take you to a faraway place inside the realms of imagination. The contrast of airy, light, deep, emotional and even humorous Poetry and Creative Writing shall attract your attention and keep you entertained. If you are a lover of dreams and fantasy you will adore and treasure this special Book by Lisa-Marie Enaaja.< Less
Charlie's De Ja Vu By Lisa-Marie Enaaja
Hardcover: $26.51
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In reflection, Charlie's life had been a product of her mother Nina's lack of appreciation for Charlie's unique attributes as a person. This was Charlie's view. However Nina was certain her... More > daughter needed help. In and out of psychiatric homes as a teenager gave Charlie the upper edge on handling the health system in town. Luckily one of Charlie's best friends named Adam moved into his new role as head psychologist at the mental ward Charlie had been occupying. Miss Ebony-Rose De Sensi assists in the secret nature of Adam and Charlie's relationship and is one of Charlie's mentors. Their relationship blossoms from teacher and student to then close friends. There is a reason Charlie is different. Adam discovers the reason after falling in love with Charlie. But this is more than just a love story.< Less