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Dolly has five children and is a wife who has an important journal, in where she locks her schizophrenia inside. Her schizophrenia is her children who travel to the past to discover why their mother... More > committed suicide, but Dolly doesn't know this. She is a psychic white witch and discovers what the time travelers do to her even before they use the mind reading technology on her in the past. The time travelers escape depends on the extent of Evonne's sincerity in admitting she stole her mother's journal without reading it, but Evonne doesn't tell anyone.< Less
My Photo Book By Lisa-Marie Enaaja
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This glorious representation of womanhood is a collection of nude artistic photographs. It is a celebration of the feminine figure in color, black and white, pastel and sepia.
The Wizards of the Waterfall By Lisa-Marie Enaaja
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The Wizards of the Waterfall; are only to be found in story books and movies, although Leonardo's curiosity of a magical, spellbound land motivates him to take a journey he will never forget.... More > Leonardo and his friend Julian take the voyage together.< Less
The Poet and Magic of Life By Lisa-Marie Enaaja
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The Poet and Magic of Life, is a book full of awe-inspiring Poetry and enchanting Stories of the Author’s uniquely personal experiences from her life’s journey. This book will uplift... More > your spirits anytime of the day and take you to a faraway place inside the realms of imagination. The contrast of airy, light, deep, emotional and even humorous Poetry and Creative Writing shall attract your attention and keep you entertained. If you are a lover of dreams and fantasy you will adore and treasure this special Book by Lisa-Marie Enaaja.< Less