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The Beloved and I By Thomas McElwain
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The Beloved and I, The New Jubilees Verson of Sacred Scriptures in rhymed verse with verse commentary including the entire Bible, deutero-canonical books, Jubilees, Enoch, infancy Gospels, Coptic... More > Gospel of Thomas, New Testament, Gospel of Barnabas (new to this edition) and the Noble Qur'an.< Less
Psalms in Brief By Thomas McElwain
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The Psalms of David for singing in a rhymed metrical setting, unique in translation, for following the principle of reducing the Hebrew device of parallelism, which permits expressing the entire... More > content of the Psalter in only about a third of the original volume. Long Meter is used throughout, making the Psalms singable to the most popular hymntunes. A small selection of unusual tunes is added.< Less
From the Beloved and I By Thomas McElwain
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Excerpts from The Beloved and I including the creation story, the ten commandments, Psalms 1, 90-106, The Sermon on the Mount, Al-Fatihah, Ayatul-Kursi, Surat Ya Sin, Suratul-Ikhlas, Suratul-Falaq.... More > The text is the same as in the full-version editions of The Beloved and I.< Less
The Face: Hymns of a Dervish By Thomas McElwain
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A collection of poems produced for use in the Dawoodi Dervish lodge of Turku, Finland during the late 1980s and early 1990s. They are made public here for the first time since appearing in the sema... More > more than two decades ago.< Less