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Qabalah - The Testament of Solomon & The Wisdom of Solomon By Steven Ashe (Editor)
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The Testament of Solomon & The Wisdom of Solomon (from the Books of Apocrypha) in one volume. The oldest surviving copies of The Testament of Solomon were written in the same grammatic form as... More > New Testament Greek and have been dated by scholars as originating from the period of the first to fourth centuries (C.E.). This English translation of the work ascribed to the authorship of the Old Testament King Solomon of the Book of Kings the work describes how Solomon is enabled to build the Temple by commanding demons by means of a magical ring and its five pointed seal entrusted to him by the Archangel Michael. Solomon states that he wrote his testament before his death so that the children of Israel would know the powers and shapes of the demons, and the names of the angels who have power over them. A self-help manual against demonic activity. With a foreword by Steven Ashe, author of The Complete Golden Dawn Initiate.< Less