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COLD WAR! Rules for Modern Warfare 1960-1990 By Dean Wilson
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This supplement covers 1960-1990; & details rules & new basing system that takes Flames of War into the modern age. Included are rules on tactical Fighter Cover, Forward Air Controllers... More > & Artillery Observers, NBC platoons, recovery troops & medics as well as comprehensive sections detailing modern anti-tank weapons, armour, surface-to-air missile systems, helicopters, strategic bombers & a detailed section on Chemical, Biological & Nuclear weapons including effects, doses & casualty rates for deploying & using these weapons & fighting in the post-NBC battlefield! This book contains a detailed Order of Battle for the US & Soviet forces from 1960 to 1990; with full details on organisation; from the T-55 tank to the T-72, Scud missiles, M-60a3 to M1a2 Abraham’s tanks & armoured vehicles in-between such as the BMP-1 and the M2 Bradley IFV! SAM’s, ATGW and HMG's as well as helicopters & a choice of aircraft payloads compliment this section! This is a MASSIVE rulebook with TWO complete army lists!< Less
Battlefield Bangkok: The Royal Thai Army 2000-2014 By Dean Wilson
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Armed with a copy of this book you can take charge of an RTA Battalion, either Infantry, Cavalry, Armoured (with US M-48, M-60 or Soviet T-80 tanks), Airborne or even Royal Thai Police. Included are... More > full TO&E;s for the Thai Army, Police, Insurgents (Yala, Pattani and Songkla), Protesters and Drug Lord Armies for Laos and Burma. Also included are TO&E's for the PARU and Naresuan 261 HRT/SWAT units as well as Special Branch, RTA and RTP Riot Squads and the Tahanh Phranh (Commando-Rangers). Rules for suicide bombers, roadside bombs, booby tranps and insurgent rockets are included as well as tyre fires and drone cameras. Fight the Insugents! Liberate Yala, take the war to the streets of Bangkok, smuggle your drugs shipment into the Golden Triangle or simply try to overthrow the government! With this book, some model soldiers and a fistful of dice you can!< Less
COLD WAR! Carabinieri 1980-Present By Dean Wilson
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The Carabinieri, have been deployed countless times on peacekeeping missions, & as support for the Italian Army that is deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Armed with this book you can field a... More > ‘straight up’ Carabinieri force for urban patrolling right through to a specialised Anti-Terrorist force including the famous GIS (Italian SWAT); plus the support elements such as ‘Toscana’ –Carabinieri Parachute Infantry. You can field the Calabria and Sardinia Light Infantry Companies for anti-Mafia operations. Sniper teams, dog teams and rapid intervention Heliborne teams! Completing this lavish volume is the section on the Armed Forces of Italy a massive Table of Equipment & Organisation allowing you to field every known variant of mechanised, alpine, cavalry and armoured Regiments currently fielded by the Italian Army –both for deployment in a NATO ‘what if?’ scenario as well as to Iraq, Afghanistan and on any UN peacekeeping deployment such as Lebanon (1982), Somalia (1993) and so on!< Less
The Complete Army Handbook of the Imperial Japanese Army: Manchuria & SE Asia 1940-1945: Compatible with Flames of War By Dean Wilson
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The Complete Army Handbook on Imperial Japanese Forces is the database to allow you to field a Japanese force in your Flames of War (The WW2 tabletop miniatures game) games. Armed with this book you... More > can conquer the plains of Manchuria, invade Tibet, attack the British in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Malaysia, Singapore and Burma. Dominate SE Asia with your forces and take the pacific War to new, unexplored, heights!< Less