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Quick Guide: The Spire By College Guide World
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The story revolves around the construction of the 404 foot high spire of Salisbury Cathedral. The construction of the spire was the vision of the fictional Dean Jocelin. There is an omniscient... More > narrator in the story. The author has very appropriately and effectively used the stream of consciousness. Quick Guide: The Spire Copyright Chapter One: Introduction Chapter Two: Characters Chapter Three: Summary of the Novel Chapter Four: Critical Analysis and Symbolism< Less
Quick Guide: Black Like Me By College Guide World
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The protagonist and the narrator of the book, John Howard Griffin, is a middle aged white man. He lives in Mansfield, Texas in 1959. Griffin wants to understand what difficulties the blacks face in... More > the United States. He is totally committed to the cause of racial justice. He is quite frustrated because he can’t understand as a white man what the blacks experience. Eventually, he decides to take a very radical step. He decides to change the color of his skin, and he takes the help of a doctor and undergoes medical treatment. The color of his skin is changed and he temporarily becomes a black man. Quick Guide: Black Like Me Copyright Chapter One: Introduction Chapter Two: Characters Chapter Three: Brief Account Chapter Four: Complete Summary Chapter Five: Critical Commentary< Less
Quick Guide: New Grub Street By College Guide World
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There are very few novels ever written that deal with the subject which has been dealt so masterly in “New Grub Street.” The story presents the difficulties of the work life, and the... More > systematic distortions of literary production caused by market situation and prevailing conditions. The story was completed in two months in the autumn of 1890. Gissing wrote about four thousand words every day, Reardon’s rate. Initially the story was published as a three volume work. The second volume was a little thick.< Less