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Passionate Retribution II By Amy Shannon
Hardcover: $23.95
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When ex-NYPD Detective turned Private Investigator Carly Edwards took on her ex-lover, Tyler Mathison as her partner four years ago, she never dreamed that she'd be the one investigating his murder.... More > As the pain of his loss, fills her head, she finds herself trying to not only keep her personal life together, but keep her head on straight so she can focus on finding the new killer. As she becomes encompassed by her own private pain, she learns that she not only has to deal with a murderer, but a stalker that won't let her be. As the past comes to the present and continues to haunt her, she needs to reevaluate her life and the lives of the loved ones around her. As always, Carly is bent on revenge, but is it for her own piece of mind or the safety of those she loves the most.< Less
Passionate Retribution By Amy Shannon
Hardcover: $23.95
Ships in 6-8 business days.
Ex-Detective Carly Edwards, recovering from a horrifying attack, is determined to bring her attacker to justice - especially when the police prove to be of no use. With the help of friends, she... More > begins to reconstruct her life. As the past collides with the present, Carly is determined to get make the alleged attacker pay for his crime. Suddenly, love appears out of two different directions and she needs to decide. As events and emotions play havoc in her mind, she fears losing control. Soon, friends and family are being injured or killed, and she becomes more determined than ever to get retribution. But is the price too high a price to pay? Will it cost her her life? Her friend’s lives?< Less
Lives...Rewritten By Amy Shannon
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Missing in action, Alex O'Roark finally returns to Sars Springs, however, she has amnesia. Finding her way home, leads her back into her destiny’s arms. Tragedy happens within the large family... More > as several loved ones find themselves on death’s door. A seemingly act of betrayal, finds Alex on the opposite side of the law. When she tries to not only rebuild her memories, but her entire life, she finds the one person who knows her more than she knows herself. Things and people are not who they seem…when Alex and family find out that life is rewritten, more than once in a lifetime. Will Alex be able to restore her memories, even though it means remembering the worse parts of her life? Can Alex handle the truth when she comes face to face with another man from her past who wants her dead?< Less
Life's Destiny: The Healer By Amy Shannon
Paperback: $19.95
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The first volume of a new series, "Destiny". Dr. Raina O'Roark is the "Healer". Life has come full circle ... almost. Dr. Raina O'Roark Reardon has come of age. Sharing a new... More > life with her husband and her triplets, she embarks on the journey of not only healing but of focusing on healing the dead. As mad men try to bottle her infamous powers of feeling the depths of souls, she tries to maintain her family, and careers as both a doctor and a cop. Will she be able to save those she loves from the unthinkable? Will she be able to protect herself from the betrayal of own family member?< Less