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Rudolph Valentino's Moose: The Nancy Sphinctergritzel Story: An Illustrated Irreverent Spoof About the World's Most Infamous Lush By David Bret
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"The Queen of Homophobes” (1904-2010) was the illegitimate daughter of a parson’s wife and an Indian brave. Leaving her shack, she arrived in Hollywood and appeared in a film with... More > Mary Pickford. Seven times married she loved one man—Valentino—who denied knowing her. After his death she began a hate campaign to prove he had never loved other men, or any woman but her. She helped set up Confidential magazine, tried to block the Kinsey Report, joined the McCarthy witch-hunt. For 68 years she worked on 'My Life With Rudy', the greatest literary failure of all time. She wed for the last time at 99 to a man 80 years her junior who predeceased her. She died at 105 on the anniversary of her imaginary lover’s death—after a sexual accident. Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental. WARNING: contains adult material of a sexual nature!< Less
Rudolph Valentino's Magic Python! Those Loony One-star On-line Reviews By David Bret
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David Bret committed the ‘carnal sin’ of writing 'Valentino: A Dream Of Desire'wherein he stated the actor had been gay. The book remained in the best-sellers for 15 years. Championed by... More > film director, Ken Russell, he lectured on Valentino’s sexuality as part of Chicago’s Humanities Festival. Radio, television and film appearances followed—as did a blistering smear-campaign against him. All because of Rudy's willy! None of these attacks occurred in the press, but on the Internet within which there is little control. Many are illiterate and unintentionally hilarious; some are homophobic and downright nasty, penned by supporters of rival authors. Far from being detrimental to sales they have an opposite effect. Not one word has been changed, there has been no formatting, and if locations are there it is because these reviewers posted them there! And to balance the equation, included are few nice reviews from the ‘unbiased populace’…the redeemers...and some erotic Rudy pictures! WARNING: Adult content!< Less
The Yorkist Kings and the Wars of the Roses: Part Two: Richard III By David Bret
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There is renewed interest in Richard III since the discovery of his remains when it was revealed he was not the hunchbacked monster of Tudor myth but a tall, handsome man who suffered from scoliosis... More > of the spine. If the Tudor propagandists perpetrated this myth,what else was made up? Richard remains the most controversial monarch in British history. Edward IV’s sudden death plunged England into chaos. As protector of his young sons, they were placed in the Tower and never seen again, setting in motion a mystery which has never been solved. Did Richard kill his nephews, or were they dispatched by the Duke of Buckingham, or by Henry Tudor and mother, Margaret Beaufort? What was the nature of the relationship between Richard and Buckingham? Was he just too trusting of this conniving man, caught out when at his weakest—mourning a brother he had adored? The fact that he has thousands of devoted supporters over 500 years after his death points to the fact that Richard III was more than a king. He was a legend.< Less
The Yorkist Kings and the Wars of the Roses: Part One: Edward IV By David Bret
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Edward IV has always been overshadowed by his controversial younger brother Richard III, and is most remembered for his pursuit of pleasure~the archetypal medieval playboy. There was considerably... More > more to him than this. During the first half of his reign he was an astute military tactician who never lost a battle, a courageous, approachable monarch loved by his subjects. The second half of his reign finds him different. With his Treasury solvent having being stretched quelling a decade of civil unrest, and with England's peace marred only by the murky intrigues of his brother Clarence, Edward was free to indulge in his fancies. He lived extravagantly, and though devoted to his queen, Elizabeth Woodville, played the field~there were hundreds of women and at least one male lover. Sadly, he ate himself into an early grave, leaving England to face the most chaotic period in its history thus far. Celebrity biographer David Bret has nurtured a lifelong passion for the Plantagenet kings, and is a fervent Ricardian.< Less