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True Falsetto By Neil Raffan
Paperback: $9.11
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How can a gay love triangle and a straight love square be linked … ask Kevin Jones, a twenty-five year old fumbling his way to sexual adulthood. London in the late 1980’s and Kevin is a... More > back office worker in The City, he has today’s pop hits as well as those from yesteryear playing inside his head along with a very real dread of AIDS as he muddles through his own mire of delusion. Kevin, though at times feigning to be straight, is aided and abetted by Dave, his gay Svengali, as he seeks to make fellow City worker Eddie the replacement for his some time departed ex; whilst at the same time appearing to be one of his girl friend Nicky’s three possible suitors. Whilst Eddie has to choose between John and Kevin, Nicky’s choice is between Craig, Terry and Kevin … confused? The straight lives of Kevin’s brother and his cousin also encroach on Kevin’s as he is egged on to come clean to Nicky even if he feels he is not able to fully come out.< Less
Hunting Roundabouts By Neil Raffan
Paperback: $10.42
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Tokyo in the early 1990’s … the economy may well be in the beginnings of its decline but the foreign financial sector workers are still playing whoopee. Kevin Jones, one such worker, has... More > finally come out to himself but to few others. Whilst his Svengali, Dave, is back in the UK will Kevin break free from his past of lost loves and denial of self. With the Tokyo gay-scene excluding open access to foreigners, how will Kevin’s path towards coming out progress in this land where the 21st Century may have been reached technologically yet to Western eyes female emancipation appears at best as early 20th Century. Wonder at the beauty and contrasts of Japan through the eyes of a 30 something as he goes through life with his ears filled with popular music. Fellow Brit employee Kamal has skin colour to add to his gaijin make-up, thrown together by despising Front Office excesses will he and Kevin discover more in common …< Less
275 Park Court Drive By Neil Raffan
eBook (ePub): $9.02
Forty years of Neil Raffan's poems, including the infamous 'Up me nose'. This collection deals with the usual subject matter of life and death, love and sex, and family as well as odes of attempted... More > self-declaration.< Less
Bear Cheek By Neil Raffan
eBook (ePub): $9.48
‘We are all misfits. There is no such thing as normal. It is just that some are better than others at hiding their peculiarities.’ So open’s this latest collection from Neil... More > Raffan. Whilst it may be too simplistic to say the contents falls into two categories; either travelogues or displays of heart-on-sleeve; it contains the least fiction. The universal themes carry with them a sharp personal edge, however obvious the attempt to deflect it with humour.< Less