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Anabelle's Magik By Lisa-Marie Enaaja
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Anabelle is a Magical Mermaid and must save her family and friends from a horrible oil spill in the sea where she lives! Anabelle uses her Magik Spells to save the day with her friend the flying... More > dragon. Do they succeed in saving the others of the ocean? This children's story is written in Poetry. Purchase your copy Today.< Less
The Poet and Magic of Life By Lisa-Marie Enaaja
Hardcover: $21.26
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The Poet and Magic of Life, is a book full of awe-inspiring Poetry and enchanting Stories of the Author’s uniquely personal experiences from her life’s journey. This book will uplift... More > your spirits anytime of the day and take you to a faraway place inside the realms of your imagination. Collected here is the ultimate edition of the complete poetic works of Lenaaja— some of her tales and poems in one convenient, easy-to-use volume at a fantastic price. A contrast of airy, light, deep, emotional and even humorous Poetry and Creative Writing shall attract your attention and keep you entertained. If you are a lover of dreams and fantasy you will adore and treasure this special Book by Lisa-Marie Enaaja.< Less
As I Lift the Veil By Lisa-Marie Enaaja
Hardcover: $24.79
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A unique Memoir by Lisa-Marie Enaaja, that will intrigue and heal readers world-wide. The Author writes many a spell for her readers, whilst teaching the art of developed Spell-Writing. She... More > explains Magical Powers unknown to man and believes that schizophrenia has something to do with Magical Powers disregarding what is taught by practicing doctors, today. The Author discusses what the voices of schizophrenia say to her and over time re-evaluates her contrasting ideas of insanity. Includes Poetry by Lisa-Marie Enaaja.< Less
Asil and the Wallpaper By Lisa-Marie Enaaja
Paperback: $10.87
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ARTWORK & DESIGN BY LISA-MARIE ENAAJA INCLUSIVE IN BOOK ! Asil and The Wallpaper is a short story for teenage girls around 13+. The story takes you into the life of Asil, an ordinary girl with... More > super and enchanted powers. No-one knows Asil's secret! Asil has the power to see and hear faeries. This sixth sense and "gift of sight" leads her into other parallel universes that co-existent.< Less