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The D in Drama By Christiana Harrell
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Short story turned Novel “The D in Drama” is the popular tale from “Girl: A Story for Every Les Being” of Rose Anderson, a flawless model type chick who is used to having her... More > way and getting everything that she wants all from her looks alone and Sasha “Snapps” Adams, the “most wanted” pretty boy stud with charm for days and has had girls falling at her feet since the day she stepped out of the closet and labeled herself a stud. Rose knows exactly what she wants and who she wants until some unfortunate incidents in her life throw her off her path. Snapps vows to be her knight in shining armor wanting nothing more than to protect her from herself, but Snapps learns all too soon that she just may be doing too much. Get the whole story and see what happens when jealousy, betrayal, and heartache are mixed. It’s a new tale of misery loves company.< Less
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The Replacement Man By Christiana Harrell
eBook (ePub): $5.99
Jasmine has been single for two years, fed up with dating inside the lesbian community or lack thereof; she pledges an oath of celibacy, refusing to share her body with another soul until she knows... More > for a fact that she has found a sure thing. She meets Erin, a sexy stud who just might be what she needs and she focuses her attention on her for awhile until a hook-up gone wrong steers her in the direction of Cameron Smothers. Jasmine learns quickly t hat Cameron is a different kind of man. He has her questioning her sexuality and her place in the world as every aspect of her life changes and is tested. Does she conform to what everyone has to say or does she take the road less traveled? Jasmine is about to get a brand new lesson in life and love. Follow Jasmine, through a journey of a different kind of love: a love that goes beyond physical, mental, and emotional connections and truly test the meaning of acceptance.< Less
Cream By Christiana Harrell
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Cream, an androgynous beauty, knows what it’s like to be abandoned, broke, and used. Left to the state by her parents and taken under the wing of her selfish foster mother, Cream sets her focus... More > on one thing: money. She dives head first into the exotic lifestyle of stripping. Drama seems to follow her wherever she goes. Instead of facing the turmoil, she moves on to the next city, causing more chaos than what she left behind. She thinks she has life all figured out until she crosses paths with Payton, a daddy’s girl with lots of cash and a lust for women. Payton makes her learn things about herself that she never saw possible and with her new discovery comes a big change in her look and personality. Cream is at the top of her game, surrounded by money and beautiful women. Then, one wild night forces her to discover yet another truth about herself and face the reality of her lifestyle. Will she continue to dwell in her unstable comfort zone? Or, will she finally open her eyes?< Less

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