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An Academic Introducing to The Titius Bode Law Book 1 By PSJ (Peet) Schutte
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The following is the official explanation concerning the Titius Bode law. For many a century science has been grappling with the enigma called the Titius Bode law. This conundrum had the most... More > brilliant minds baffled and twisted without solving the mystery. Nature gave science 3. …Then nature really got merciless and expected science to add 4 to the numeration. Nature said that this distance of 3 + 4 doubles from the one planet’s distance to the sun and then to the distance of the next planet. It was far better to leave something as complicated as the Titius Bode law alone and stick to Newton notwithstanding that nature applied the Titius Bode law notwithstanding that nature applied the Titius Bode law. Nature does not apply mass to allocate planets but use these laws and the Titius Bode law in particular to place planets in the order in which they are. By being able to do that I solved the Titius Bode law.This is the first time ever nature's laws are explained in full and complete.< Less
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A book unmasking the brainwashing and mind control Academics unleash on students by forcing students to accept Newton's unproven science prinsiples. If you are of the opnion that science is perfect... More > and that there is no desception in the tutoring of physics going on at present, I challenge you to read this short book and show where I am wrong when I challenge the mindset of the Newtonian Physics professor. I challenge you to prove me wrong when I prove Newton wrong and where I show the brainwashing that is going on in science.< Less
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It is said that no on e knows how the Universe started. That is not true. This book introduce how the Universe started long before the Big Bang came into place. This book explains how it began from a... More > single point and it developed into what we now have as a Universe. Also published to put truth into science! This Reveals how the solar system forms and how nature works in accordance with a vision about Creation and in all of that it excludes Newtonian visionary rubbish. Representing the view presented in the following websites Other websites are: Naturescosmicconcept or Titius-Bode-Law-Explained and,Also ANaturesCosmiConcept< Less
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Mainstream physicists portray science as if by diminishing nature as “a freak (of nature)”. In that they show little understanding about the cosmos. Belittling nature does not diminish... More > nature but reduces scientists’ credibility. Everybody frowned upon the Titius Bode law for very long the Titius Bode Law as a “mistake” that God made and the Titius bode law seen as a “freak of nature” that had no credibility or made no sense while they put Newton forward as the one man that was more brilliant and correct than God Almighty is. Now by proving how the Titius Bode law works I also simultaneously prove Newton’s theories are without theoretical basis and is a hoax because I explain precisely how the Titius Bode law functions. Newton from now on will be the disastrous cover-up under which science had all their ignorance hidden while Newton’s senselessness served as a brainwashing instrument to cover-up the complete ignorance science has about any reality of what the cosmos is all about.< Less