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Mainstream physicists portray science as if by diminishing nature as “a freak (of nature)”. In that they show little understanding about the cosmos. Belittling nature does not diminish... More > nature but reduces scientists’ credibility. Everybody frowned upon the Titius Bode law for very long the Titius Bode Law as a “mistake” that God made and the Titius bode law seen as a “freak of nature” that had no credibility or made no sense while they put Newton forward as the one man that was more brilliant and correct than God Almighty is. Now by proving how the Titius Bode law works I also simultaneously prove Newton’s theories are without theoretical basis and is a hoax because I explain precisely how the Titius Bode law functions. Newton from now on will be the disastrous cover-up under which science had all their ignorance hidden while Newton’s senselessness served as a brainwashing instrument to cover-up the complete ignorance science has about any reality of what the cosmos is all about.< Less
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I explain Genesis 1 v 1, the beginning or birth of the Universe in terms of the Bible using not theology but mathematics. I prove Genesis 1 verse 1 to be correct by using mathematics. The Bible says:... More > IN THE BEGINNING OF CREATION, 1 when God made heaven and earth, 2 the earth was without form and void… 3… with darkness over the face of the abyss…Yes this I do explain mathematically and I manage this because I prove and explain four cosmic keys that build the Universe namely: The Titius Bode Law; The Lagrangian Points, The Roche limit and Coanda Effect Everything in nature in the Universe applies these phenomena in how space forms. The Titius Bode Law: The Lagrangian Points: The Roche Coanda Effect forms the Universe in as much as forming stars in spheres and forming galactica in circles. These principles form space and materials. This is a process that produces space and that is how the Universe began before the Universe began in space. I take the cosmic birth back to before space came about as the Big Bang.< Less
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You don’t have to believe me but science is built on fraud. Science will never admit this. Moreover science will never agree to this. Science will forever discourage any thoughts I propose and... More > so they hide the truth. You don’t have to accept this and you don’t have to read this but in honesty read the first six pages and then do what you have to do … think about the science you have read and if that does not shock you into reality then die in slumber and ignorance and utter brainwashed stupidity you live in… There are building blocks in nature that forms the Universe but because these building blocks contradict Newton and because science can’t explain these building blocks science hides the knowledge about it as deep as possible. This building blocks form a Universe and you don’t know about them! Then ask yourself why have you never heard of specific building blocks in nature known to science and you are unaware they exist. If you’re not shocked, then you are dead so then stay dead, it is better that way.< Less
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This book firstly proves that gravity and electricity is the same thing. Then I show how gravity by mimicking electricity influences your brain and the way you think as well as the way it controls... More > you emotions. This can either make you into a criminal or a saint because it is the way you react on the physics that control your emotions and the physics allow you your personality you choose to have. You are not what you eat but you are what you think and electricity you charge as thoughts make you think and gravity makes you charge the electricity by which you think. There is no way in hell that any person will be able to act in a way of claiming sanity or a mental stability when any human person is situated on another planet such as Mars for instance. We can’t be on Mars because we can’t think on Mars but science will dishonestly steal billions from the taxpayer to prove what can’t be proven and that is to put the human mind in a functional capacity on Mars by thinking rational.< Less