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Dorm Haze By Christian Clason
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Blak is fighting diversity and it hits home at this weird establishment. His new gay friend takes a liking to him, but he has a problem with bullies. To the extreme, he finds that this man child... More > cannot even defend his own sister against the offenders. And when it comes to girls, neither of them have their new dorm mates down the hall figured out. From the silly little fairy who sits out of place, to the tough as nails elven child who wears only the most adorable outfits.< Less
Ambiguous Flame By Christian Clason
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Jason's world is turned upside down by war and family conflict. His family no longer stands as the ruling family, but it still stands for something for its long and ancient lineage. Appointed the... More > General, his fate of protecting and serving his country has come to be a reality. It is now or never for him. But what's more, there are others who join in the conflict. Old friends return into his life, dead family members return and new family members enter his life. But, should the conflicts be too much, if his efforts go to waste, Medelthia will fall to the army of the Jaycaten. It will take all of his skill, all of his learning, and every inch of his power to stop the Jaycaten from enslaving the people of Medelthia, and with his friends he might just make it.< Less
A Dragon's Curse By Christian Clason
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After a traumatizing incident, Jason Hallson seeks out his own treatment for the psychological trauma. Leaving him unable to use his draconic abilities or use magic, he is rendered as helpless as any... More > normal human being. In searching for a new meaning for it all, he meets a few friends with strange backgrounds. Ruthena van Dyke brings in more than enough trouble, being a runaway princess with her father chasing after him in suspicions of kidnap. Arida Sakyme, an odd forest wanderer, finds him amusing and the pair turn into travelling companions right away. Lakina Dupressa has a history of abuse and when she seeks his help, she is none to normal about actually asking for help. Of all the places a man could find the father he never had, Jason finds it in a simple rancher named Juun. Through it all, he has a mind for protecting these four, getting himself out of trouble, and survival in a world without his wings.< Less
Glastica By Christian Clason
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I have seen many things throughout the millions of years I have lived. I have been a watchful protector of mankind, supposedly “honored” by the gods with the powers of angels and demigods... More > alike. I watched planet Earth fall to ruins and the mortals living on it barely escape with their lives. I have watched them grow in population and multiply across galaxies among the alien species that already dwelled there. Now, I must live among them as a guardian protector against the one thing humans could never defeat: demons. My advantages against demons are many, but my advantages against mortals are very few. But if I cannot defend myself against those who I protect, who will protect me?< Less