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Glastica By Christian Clason
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I have seen many things throughout the millions of years I have lived. I have been a watchful protector of mankind, supposedly “honored” by the gods with the powers of angels and demigods... More > alike. I watched planet Earth fall to ruins and the mortals living on it barely escape with their lives. I have watched them grow in population and multiply across galaxies among the alien species that already dwelled there. Now, I must live among them as a guardian protector against the one thing humans could never defeat: demons. My advantages against demons are many, but my advantages against mortals are very few. But if I cannot defend myself against those who I protect, who will protect me?< Less
Entangled Hearts By Christian Clason, Andrew Gray
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Pangaea was plagued by the terrors of machines, a mechanical god that plans to destroy organic life. Eric Doomhunter was a great leader, the last of his kind, and the weight to tilt the war against... More > machines in Pangaea. But when his success backlashes, he lands in a world much different than his own, no love, no friends, and no life. After three thousand years of war, Medelthia is a flawed and weary country, the remains of what it once was. Colonel Dragon Heart has seen all of the tragedies this war offers, from the loss of children, to the loss of sanity. Her sanity is lost already if not withering away still. Upon the arrival of this stranger, her life is turned around in ways that she could not have anticipated. They knew each other, once upon a dream, but it will take more than dreams and fancies to bond them together.< Less
Sins of an Empire By Christian Clason, Andrew Gray
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Telemechus has waited ten long years since he returned to the Zealot Empire. Now, he has a chance to return to a place where he feels alive, where he has true friends and a better destiny. It is now... More > his destiny to rebuild friendships of old, which have faded over the years. He has one heart and not much to lose when he goes head over heels for a new love. But the Matriarchs, the goddesses of his people and the last females, are in danger and there are few options to save them. With the oppression of terran values among the Empire, there are fewer options for Tiberius, who finds himself not only questioning his previously neutral views about the world and about a particularly interesting girl. Even Medelthian views are pulled into question as the civil war arises another civil war within the Zealot Empire, tearing between the zealots with the fall of the Prophet; a cross between terran friends and foes.< Less
Obsessed By Christian Clason
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Blak has become infatuated with a particularly average human girl. Unsure of why he is so in love with her, he strives to find some way to get her attention and attract her. But, while his intentions... More > are well meant, she takes his advances all the wrong way, her viewpoint manipulated by religious followers of Chokrism and Catholicism. While he strives to break these barriers, he finds that there is one way he can at least get to know her and spend more time with her. But, her hobbies are very different from his sports. He finds himself delving deeper and deeper into a sophisticated world, until his friends start to call him unrecognizable.< Less