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Treasure, a Sailor's Siren By Bob Gebhardt
Paperback: $19.98
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A fellow approaches you and says, “I know where there is a sunken pirate treasure ship right here off the coast. Would you be interested in helping me for a fifty percent partnership?” ... More > He claims he heard a voice of a spirit asking for help and promises of great treasures. You dive on the site and find a large lump of corroded Spanish pieces of eight, worth many thousands. Dragging it up on deck you encounter a manifestation of a pirate spirit who spelled it out, no help, no treasure then he disappears along with the lump of ancient silver coins. Three individuals pool their funds to search a suspected underwater ancient treasure site and find more than they bargained for with a pirate’s spirit demanding assistance in crossing over into a repentance afterlife. In assisting the spirits they recover vast treasures and find favor with other successful salvors and their allies, the US Navy who help keep them out of danger from modern day pirates and drug runners.< Less
Trove By Bob Gebhardt
Hardcover: $38.98
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Gold doubloon found on the beach. If you were just strolling down the beach or snorkeling and spotted an object in the sand that was glinting in the water-filtered sunlight, would you pick it up?... More > Obviously you would, and when you did, you find it to be an ancient gold coin just like you have seen in photos and jewelry stores. Your mind races, your heart beats at twice the normal rate as you clutch it in your hand. You know it's worth a huge amount of money, and you know a little bit about pirate treasure rumored to be in Southwest Florida waters and buried about the land. Your first thought is, are there any other coins about, as you visually scan the area. If you announce that you found a gold coin the other people on the beach will mob you and your little private area. You decide to conceal the coin, keep quiet and look around quickly for other coins before others find out. As you quickly shift the sand about with your hand you are thinking as fast as your mind will go. Read Bob's fictional Novel Trove< Less
The Island of Death By Bob Gebhardt
Paperback: $19.98
Ships in 3-5 business days
The Island of Death.... La Isla de la Muerte.... Terrifying ghosts, human bandits, terrorists, dangerous geothermal phenomena, all threatening, but pirate treasures and great wealth may be in the... More > offering, trudge on or get the hell out? A group of adventurous people are led to a terrifying island by the writings on a medallion recovered in an ancient pirate treasure, chronicled in the novel TROVE. The island, identified on nautical charts as, “Dangerous area, keep well clear, La Isla de la Muerte, Island of Death.” Locals give this mountainous, God forsaken island, a wide birth, as people who venture there, to find old pirate treasures, according to myth, never come back. Could this novel have a happy ending? Bet your bottom doubloon!< Less
Extra-Dimensional Visitation By Bob Gebhardt
Paperback: $8.98
Ships in 3-5 business days
Caution! If you read Extra-Dimensional Visitation you could be transported into the feasible realm of dimensional interaction with other beings, basically the same as us, with some interesting but... More > different evolutionary and technical progress. Well some of our most educated scientist profess that there are different dimensions which we cannot now detect but are most assuredly present. They talk of dimensional warp, worm holes, the bending of the fabric of space and other mind boggling theorem. This text may provide tacit answers to some nagging unanswered and mysterious questions about Sasquatch, Bigfoot, flying saucers, or how we have advance so rapidly in the last decade, etc., but also may create many more. Read at your own risk and attempt to hang on to reality, whatever that is. Enjoy!< Less