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Trove (Large Print) By Bob Gebhardt
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Gold doubloon found on the beach. If you were just strolling down the beach or snorkeling and spotted an object in the sand that was glinting in the water-filtered sunlight, would you pick it up?... More > Obviously you would, and when you did, you find it to be an ancient gold coin just like you have seen in photos and jewelry stores. Your mind races, your heart beats at twice the normal rate as you clutch it in your hand. You know it's worth a huge amount of money, and you know a little bit about pirate treasure rumored to be in Southwest Florida waters and buried about the land. Your first thought is, are there any other coins about, as you visually scan the area. If you announce that you found a gold coin the other people on the beach will mob you and your little private area. You decide to conceal the coin, keep quiet and look around quickly for other coins before others find out.As you quickly shift the sand about with your hand you are thinking as fast as your mind will go. Read Bob's fictional Novel Trove.< Less
Sailors Tacking From Murder By Bob Gebhardt
Paperback: $8.98
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A down to earth, wealthy and industrious young woman, who was quite fond and compassionate for her elderly uncle, became mired in down in his Murder. This uncle is the source of her original wealth... More > and was to name her in his will. She was not only a suspect; she became the subject of mortal danger from others who conspired to receive her part of his estate. Her Uncle Stan always tried to push her and other close relatives into accomplishing great things. In his elder and sickly years Jill continued catering to her uncle by visiting him and frequently reading adventures of sailing the Caribbean to him and pretending they were the participants. On his death he continued challenging her and others, in his will, and in this case to become sailors, as in their lounge chair adventures. To receive an additional portion of the inheritance she and others were challenged to learn to sail and single hand a sizable sailboat from North Florida to Key West but sabotage was on the menu.< Less
Sailing Simplified By Bob Gebhardt
Paperback: $9.98
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Sailing Simplified is a literal and simple sailing training guide with a little tongue-in- cheek diversion. A person with a little boating experience, and some, or minimal, common sense, should be... More > able to grasp the simple concept of using wind power to travel over the world’s waters. This lesson plan will take you from stepping aboard a typically equipped and rigged small to medium-sized sailboat to sailing it about the local waters. It will also prime you in a small amount of the mysterious sailor’s language. Warning, warning, this may lead you to a lifetime of casual sailing or lure you into a whole new way of speaking and/or acting like a sailor geek. I wish you blue skies, high tides, fair winds, light seas, loads of fun and a bone in your teeth.< Less
El Dorado Relics Recovered By Bob Gebhardt
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A retired Navy SEAL and nonbeliever of the paranormal is subtly contacted by a spirit wishing to help the friends of spirits by revealing the location of an ancient and famous myth of treasure, the... More > world famous legend of El Dorado. Although in denial about his belief in Guardian Angels he does a little soul searching and skeptically accepts the concept. Through dreams or prompted thoughts he is led on a very profitable, informative, and adventurous journey into belief of spirits and ancient aliens’ existence. He and associates not only discovered the historic and valuable archeological site of El Dorado, they stumbled on evidence of ancient visitations by extraterrestrials who had left their transport craft on earth hundreds of years ago. . “We are not human beings going through a temporary spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings going through a temporary human experience.” Author unknown< Less