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Revenge Is A Dish Best Served By H. Paul Doucette
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Two years ago, on a dark and quiet empty New York street, two NYPD detectives approached a neighborhood bar and were gunned down by unknown assailants. The shooting was a set-up arranged by two dirty... More > Vice cops. One officer died. The other survived. His name was Abe Goldman and that night he had two very good things in his corner: Luck, and his best friend. Matt Murphy. Before Goldman left the hospital, Murphy had succeeded in bringing those behind the shooting down. All except one.< Less
Red Sun Over Panama By H. Paul Doucette
Paperback: $14.95
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Just prior to WWII, Japan has made its first move to cripple America's ability to challenge them in the Pacific Ocean. The Panama Canal. Washington has grave concerns about the safety and security of... More > the Canal and orders the Counterintelligence Police Corps to ensure the Canal remains open and free from sabotage. This has fallen to one agent: Paul Jarvis. He is dispatched to the Canal to work in cooperation with the FBI and the Office of Naval Intelligence. They soon uncover a plot to blow up the Pacific locks. The clock is ticking. In the distance the Red Sun rises above the horizon.< Less
Silk Slippers and Tutus By H. Paul Doucette
Paperback: $12.95
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Being a Private Detective in Greenwich Village has its ups and downs. There are fewer areas of art where such beauty is as wondrously presented than in the world of ballet. Or, at least, one would... More > think so. New York is famous for many things including for being a center of culture, so when a young dancer from Montreal is given an opportunity to debut in a new ballet choreographed by a brilliant rising star, she accepts, but a shadow follows her from Montreal to the Big Apple. Murphy is approached by a dance studio owner who has been chosen to open a ballet with this young ballerina as the principal dancer. Her studio has been experiencing 'odd' accidents and she is concerned that there may be something a bit more sinister going on. Murphy enters into the darker side to this world of egos, jealousies, rivalries, sexual encounters, embittered betrayals and revenge. To complicate his life even more, his friend Crazy Pete is brutally attacked and he goes after the ones responsible.< Less
Out for Blood By H. Paul Doucette
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There are bad cops, then there are BAD cops. When one of the good ones receives a call alerting him to a deal going down on a major case he's working, he has no choice but to follow up on... More > it. Standing in a darkened alley across from a bar, they watch the seedy bar across the street. When he decides it's now or never, he and his partner step out with their weapons drawn and advance on the building. His instincts tell him that this could be a setup. But little did he know that it is and it has been set by one of his own, a brother cop. Matt Murphy stood beside the hospital bed looking down at his best friend. He had been shot and was now fighting for his life. Murphy knew that this might happen one day, it came with the job, but he still wasn't completely ready for the reality of it. As he stood there he vowed to find the one responsible and realized that for the first time in his life he wanted to kill someone.< Less