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The arse end of the year By Peter Goulding
Paperback: $8.77
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A look at the season of Christmas and winter through the medium of light verse, 'The Arse End of the Year' chronicles the build up to the festive season, the solstice, the day itself and the... More > post-Christmas slothfulness, together with aspects of the cold and dreary winter season so beloved by, well, not many people actually. From the reindeer shaped blips on the air traffic controllers' screen, to the disappearing cheese portions; from forgetting auld acquaintance to the difficulty of burying dead bodies in frosty weather, Peter Goulding gives us a uniquely personal insight into the season in his inimitable style, not that many people would want to imitate it.< Less
Dining with Milton and Bunyan and other comic verse By Peter Goulding
Paperback: $7.98
Prints in 3-5 business days
Peter Goulding's fourth, or maybe fifth, (who's counting?) book of comic verse again delves the murky depths of the poet's imagination. There are still plenty of poems about murdering his wife and... More > disposing of her body but there are darker poems too - the proliferation of tomatoes on Jupiter, the birth of Princess Charlotte and his critiques of the counties of Tipperary and Offaly, to name but four. His mind, which, to be frank, would be put to much better use, learning a trade or simply vegetating, is again employed solving many of the world's problems in rhyming couplets, villanelles and other fiendish weapons of mass destruction. Comes with a cultural health warning.< Less
The Island of Broken Biscuits By Peter Goulding
Paperback: $12.17
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In the Waterways Department of the Irish Government, an employee discovers that his last four Hobnobs have been stolen. At approximately the same time, twenty miles away, twenty three packets of Rich... More > Tea biscuits have been lifted from a supermarket in Ashbourne. This is unprecedented in Irish and, indeed, world history. Chief Inspector Jacobs, who had helped to solve the infamous Chocolate Digestive theft of 1994, is summoned to solve the crime before the social order crumbles. Can Jacobs wrap up the caseand drag Ireland back from the brink of anarchy? How do they get the figs into the fig rolls? And what is the lighthouse thing about? The Island of Broken Biscuits is a comic novel set over five days. It holds the World Record for mentions of Custard Creams (55) and has been rejected by many, many publishers.< Less
The Hero, the Widow and the Army Pensions Board By Peter Goulding
Paperback: $10.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
The story of George and Margaret Geoghegan. George was a foot soldier in the Easter Rising of 1916 in Dublin who managed to achieve some sort of minor fame for being one of the 84 rebels killed in... More > Easter week. His wife Margaret was left to raise their three children in one of the most notorious slums in Europe. The book also details her interminable correspondence with the Army Pensions Board, seeking to gain redress. Also contains genealogical material of the Geoghegan and Ledwidge families of Dublin.< Less