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Untouchable (Invincible Chronicles) By Dewayne Haslett
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After everything he’s been through—realizing he is an alien, being thrown into the middle of an intergalactic war, and finding true love—you’d think Troy Connor would at least... More > be happy with his new life. But as it turns out, nothing is going well for him. Since then, new problems begin to arise for Troy as he struggles to cope with balancing his dual identities as the acclaimed superhero Lion-Man and life as a high school student. But as a handsome new classmate develops a strange, mysterious agenda while the relationships closest to him begin to slip away, Troy's life becomes even more complicated when he finds himself prey to a devious criminal mastermind, who forces him to make the ultimate decision: Normality or Responsibility? Hero or Villain? In Untouchable, the second book in The Invincible Chronicles, author Dewayne Haslett continues the story of Troy Connor with another irresistible combination of action, romance and suspense, surprising readers at every turn…< Less
Invincible (Invincible Chronicles) By Dewayne Haslett
eBook (ePub): $5.99
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Troy Connor has no idea who he is. He doesn’t know where he came from, or how and why he ended up in the crime-ridden streets of Detroit. All that he knows are the disturbing nightmares that... More > haunt his mind, the strange, powerful skills he develops, and the plans he has in store for them. As he learns to harness his new abilities, Troy must deal with being in love for the first time, a deadly enemy sent to destroy him, and a mysterious stranger who may hold the secrets to his past. Action-packed, romantic and suspenseful, Invincible is the story of one man’s journey for the truth, leaving readers riveting until the very end.< Less
Evolution (Sanctum Saga, Book 2) [second edition paperback] By Dewayne Haslett
eBook (PDF): $4.69
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The war against The Feared One is ongoing. It is getting so terrible, even humans have started to notice. But life still remains unusual for the Sanctum team: Jake, Sean and Charlie. They attend a... More > camp that has never been seen by human eyes, run into old flames and some may even fall in love. As Jake, Sean and Charlie try to live a normal life in the second installment of the Sanctum Saga, they realize that their personal lives and their responsibilities as heroes should never cross paths.< Less
Sanctum (Sanctum Saga, Book 1) [second edition paperback] By Dewayne Haslett
eBook (PDF): $4.69
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There is a secret world. One that we only dream about. But, this world is being threatened. A powerful ruler has come to destroy this world and only three kids are able to stop him. As they enter... More > this world, Jake, Sean and Charlie will journey into the unknown and must learn from this world as they also discover secrets that will change both worlds forever.< Less