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Introductory Physics 1 By Robert G. Brown
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A textbook for first semester introductory physics, with calculus, suitable for a serious college level course. This textbook is organized with chapter summary first, challenging homework problems,... More > full derivations and many thoroughly worked examples. Selected problems and examples are drawn from physics and engineering as well as biology and medicine.< Less
The Book of Lilith By Robert G. Brown
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The Book of Lilith tells the story of Lilith, who was really the first woman created by God, and who just happened to have been created before Adam. Her job is to give all the things in the world... More > souls, while Adam's is to create rules and law out of chaos. Unfortunately, Adam likes to have sex with Lilith only in the Adam-on-top position. This leads to, shall we say, "problems". The Book of Lilith is alternately funny, serious, surreal, and amazing as Lilith embarks on a Zen journey around the world giving things souls and giving birth to a god. It is more than a little bit deep, and yet very, very entertaining. Visit the Book of Lilith Website to see the full range of purchase options as well as many interesting Lilith links!< Less
Axioms By Robert G. Brown
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Axioms is "the last book on metaphysical philosophy you'll ever need to read". It uses the latest methods of bayesian analysis to prove that philosophy is bullshit. Instead of being the... More > end of all reason, this proves to be the proper beginning. It establishes once and for all that the most important free choice any human makes is their choice of what to believe, their axioms. Axioms are, in fact, the basis of all understanding, all knowing, but themselves cannot be known, only believed. The book connects these conclusions of western mathematical philosophy with the heart eastern philosophy in the form of Zen Buddhism, with axiomatic set theory, with Hume's skepticism, and more. It is written to be fun to read and accessible, even as it presents its core arguments fairly rigorously.< Less
Classical Electrodynamics By Robert G. Brown
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This is a set of lecture notes used for my second semester graduate course in Electrodynamics (Physics 319) at Duke. They are generally used by students as a supplement to J. D. Jackson's... More > Electrodynamics text. However, the notes can also stand alone for students interested in learning advanced classical electrodynamics, or supplement other texts. It is presumed that students have completed a one semester graduate level (or advanced undergrad) course in E&M through Maxwell's equations (e.g. Jackson's chapter 6) or thereabouts. Eventually I'll extend these notes to cover both semesters in an integrated way and will at the same time make them considerably more independent as a textbook. Note Well! These notes are actively in use and contain errors great and small. Let the potential buyer be warned - you get the current (and quite cheap by textbook standards) snapshot, no money back guarantee!< Less