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The Love That Endures, Second Edition: Remembering My Mother and My Father, U.S.S. Arizona’s Chaplain at Pearl Harbor By Thomas I. Kirkpatrick
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The time was December 7, 1941. The wife and young son of the U.S.S. Arizona's chaplain, Captain Thomas L. Kirkpatrick, were listening to the radio that Sunday afternoon, when suddenly they heard: We... More > interrupt this program to bring you a special news bulletin. The Japanese have attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii by air, President Roosevelt has just announced. The attack also was made on all Naval and Military activities on the principal island, Oahu. The following day, the President made his historic speech to Congress, using language that would galvanize a shocked nation and propel America into war. The same day, the telegram arrived that ended a two-decade-long story about a love that endured numerous lengthy separations while the chaplain was deployed either at sea or at a remote duty station. How this military couple endured these stresses yet kept their marriage alive and vibrant, forms the core of this heartwarming and inspiring story, embedded in the sweep of world-changing historical events.< Less
A Soul For Jesus By Thomas I. Kirkpatrick
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This is the personal story of Thomas LeRoy Kirkpatrick while he taught in a Missionary School in Tabriz, Persia 1911-1914. It is also a history of the tumultuous and dangerous times in that nation's... More > history, with Constitutionalist uprising, brutal repression by the Qajar Dynasty, daily hangings, Russian Invasion and shelling of the city, mass starvation, and relief efforts by the missionaries. Kirkpatrick documented all this both in his writings and his original photographs, hundreds of which are seen here for the first time. This book chronicles his personal quest to open the world to the youth of Persia as well as bring them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His story is embedded in the larger sweep of historic events that ultimately gave birth to the worldly and educated people in the modern nation of Iran< Less
THE GHOST OF CRATHES CASTLE and Other Stories By Thomas I. Kirkpatrick
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The title story opens the book, as a wealthy widow acquires an ancient castle, complete with the ghost of the laird dead two centuries. He tries to haunt her, but instead they fall in love, share a... More > tender romance, live as man and wife, and have a son before the laird is called to move on from his life in limbo. The final story is a hilarious tale about the plight of elderly folks who must live in a fusty old folks home run by a remote, uncaring megacorporation. In spite of being constrained by an iron fisted administrator, two of the residents manage to find romance, an activity forbidden, forbidden, forbidden by the owners. The story of how the lovers, Walt and Lindy, prevail includes many a belly laugh and feel-good moment. In between are stories ranging from laugh-out-loud hilarity to outright don't-read-this-just-before-bedtime horror.< Less
a soul for jesus By Thomas I. Kirkpatrick
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This is the story of Christian Missionary Thomas LeRoy Kirkpatrick, later to become the first Navy Chaplain to die at Pearl Harbor in 1941 aboard the U.S.S. Arizona, as he evangelized in the... More > tumultuous and dangerous Persia of 1911. Filled with hundreds of his original and historic photographs, and his daily diary entries describing and documenting the brutality and hangings in Tabriz during the Constitutionalist Revolution. This was a period during which tens of thousands of Russian troops invaded and shelled the very Mission School where he taught. Great Britain chose to look the other way, giving Russia and the forces loyal to the Shah freedom to carry out what British diplomat George Douglas Turner described as "The Reign of Terror in Tabriz". Kirkpatrick's personal eye-witness story is embedded in the grand sweep of historical events which he carefully documented for posterity.< Less