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I Don't Want to Be Fat: Change Your Thinking Change Your Life By Sussan Evermore
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So, you would like to change your shape, this is a good start to a new and healthier you. Oh yeah, we have heard it all before, quick fix diets, eat, don't eat protein, kill carbs, eat carbs, it... More > goes on and on. Underneath every person who has become bigger is a slim person who is gorgeous, gregarious, humorous and genuinely wanting to experience more in life. There is no time to waste regarding your health and well being, don't put off starting a new lifestyle today for tomorrow. Physical symptoms of weight gain, constipation, irritable bowels are all messages that your body is not coping or not processing the foods your are consuming. A number of combined reasons may be affecting you so lets look at some remedies to assist you. We are talking lifestyle change here, not dropping six kilos by the weekend! That's all rubbish, it never stays off. Change you thinking towards yourself and your life. Don't watch other people have the lifestyle you want.< Less
Flat Tummy, Better Health By Sussan Evermore
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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Flat Tummy—Better Health Review Is your stomach bloated, swollen or flatulent? Does this embarrass you at times when you are wanting to look and feel your best? I believe there are four... More > major factors to having a flat tummy and better health. These are realistic and easy to implement into your life. This book will also answer the question why sit ups will not flatten a bloated tummy. A Chinese method recognized for naturally flattening a swollen tummy. This book will cover the importance of mental alertness which compliments Creativity and Ideas flow. Emotional well being attracts good relationships and friendships. Good physical condition leads to involvement of activities and enthusiasm for adventure. Healthy immune system wards off illness or reduces recuperation time. Clear skin, shiny hair and clear eyes adds to your overall attractiveness. Many reasons to be healthy and none more than the opportunity to live this life to the fullest.< Less
Streets of Melbourne By Ronald Ritter, Evermore Sussan
eBook (ePub): $4.99
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Streets of Melbourne The ebook (contains 63 images) has been specially designed to tease and intrigue the potential traveler to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Here among the lane ways, eateries... More > and vibrant theatre and art gallery culture you will find a city that has everything to offer anyone coming for either a week or a year as we did. This ebook is not a travel guide in any sense but has been designed to show you a wide mosaic of life in the city. It will leave you with a strong curiosity and  emotional desire to see this wonderful city. So just enjoy the images or use it as a reference book for your new journey to Melbourne.  Welcome       Ronald Ritter and Sussan Evermore< Less

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Left to Die Left to Die By Wes Rand
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