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Australian Animals By Linda Brooks
Calendar: $25.00
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This is a stunning art collection of Australian animals. Crafted with watercolor paints and pencils this calendar is a unique gift.
A broken hallelujah By Linda Brooks
Hardcover: $34.99
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Brooks is at her finest in this cunning collection of short stories. Her trademark wit and sharp observation is crafted with depth and compassion, as she once again explores the gamut of human... More > experience with fearless clarity and buoyant optimism. In this series, Linda gives full rein to her passion for the unique narratives of others. With poignancy and respect, she reveals the foibles and quirks of her characters, never losing the essence of the elegance and power of the human spirit. These stories are windows into the lives of others, where equality and dignity is intrinsically woven into each tale. We see our friends, family and acquaintances. We make new friends and ultimately gain insight into our own true selves. Linda gives us an intimate view into a nursing career, with both fiction and non fiction. It is a world of compassion, patience and intuitive regard for others, but encapsulates the humanity of this challenging and often underrated role in the community.< Less
Wings to fly By Linda Brooks
Hardcover: $34.99
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“Bronson uses his hands with manly pride. There is precision in his movements. He is deliberate, slow and meticulous. We chat as he asks for the tools, smiling as I hand them to him as if he... More > were a surgeon. Then, task finished, he stands back to survey his handiwork. Bronson has started a training course. He has a job. He’s a working class man. Now he moves in the world of men and machines, strangers and family alike, with satisfaction and humour - living beyond a minimal life. Given ‘wings to fly’.” Brooks continues the journey with her son, Bronson, with life after ‘I’m not broken, I’m just different’. Some untold earlier stories are included. The book contains chapters by Prof. Tony Attwood, Dr John Miller and Dr Steele Fitchett on the future of Asperger's, which bring hope. The focus of this sequel is to give a clearer view of the struggle adults with Asperger’s and their families face daily, in a narrative that is real, engaging and accessible.< Less
Ethereal Land By Linda Brooks
Hardcover: $30.45
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This book was written for all the boys and girls who have ever lost anyone or anything. And for all the parents whose hearts have been heavy with the longing to help their children cope with the... More > enormity of the death of a loved one. This is for all the grownups who have said, “Eat everything on your plate,” when the real words hovering in the air are, “My child, I ache for you and your future .” This story is about communicating to children about the real things of life - the lasting, so that while we are concerned with what they are doing; we don’t lose sight of who they are becoming. It is for all the times when goodbye isn’t enough. It is about ‘other’.< Less