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The Earth-Dragon & The Fire-Rabbit By Randy Stroud
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The Earth-Dragon & The-Fire Rabbit is an epic story that uses symbolism from various sources, including the chinese Zodiac, political philosophy, elitism and personal experiences lived by the... More > author. The story attempts to show the reader that love, sorrow, and relationships; as well as the perceptions we hold of the world, are all subjective to the thought processes that we choose to hold for the current moment. Nothing is written in stone. Anything can be changed. Always think for yourself, and never forget to question authority. Even if such authorities are coming from your own dogmatic beliefs.< Less
An Invitation to Anarchy By Randy Stroud
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Are you sick and tired of the government regulating every detail in your life? Do you find yourself wishing that someone could adequately explain the solution to defeating a monopolized tyrannical... More > government? Then this book is perfect for you! This publication contains an introduction to libertarian legal theory and market trends that will allow you to defend yourself in a court of law when being accused of victimless crimes. A valuable investment for the entire family!< Less
An Invitation to Anarchy By Randy Stroud
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This title includes a detailed history of Anarchy and it's practical philosophy, an introduction to common law, the military industrial complex, the federal reserve, and provides court cases,... More > documents, and defenses that you can use to defend yourself against the arbitrary powers of government, especially when you are being detained for a "victimless crime". This book is your shield against corrupt governments.< Less
"The Red Pill: Skepticism, Sovereignty, and Common Law By Randy Stroud
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There is an unknown distinction between law and common law. Legislative laws are the product of a corrupt assembly line, containing clauses that primarily aides the global elite, while confusing and... More > imprisoning the uninformed populus. In this title, the reader will be exposed to Common Law and the marginalized truth regarding the motives behind Imperialistic US Foreign policy, the growing Police state, the Prison Industrial Complex, and the destruction of voluntarism by means of illegal taxation,the destruction of our civil liberties or other forms of coercive government threats, masquerading as "Law". Common Law is Common sense, and is inherent amongst common People.< Less