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Bones in the Meadow and other weird tales By Tim Jeffreys
Paperback: $14.60
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Thirty-one strange and wonderful thought-provoking horror tales, mixing short stories with flash fictions. Enter a world where things are not as innocent as they might at first appear. A world of... More > startling discoveries, supernatural beings, strange encounters and apocalyptic events. A world where mirrors, drugs, and mystery objects open gateways to other dimensions. A world of haunted gifts and sinister babies, kidnapped sex-dolls and chilling discoveries. A camping holiday turns sour with the discovery of a human skull and the tinkle of female laughter; a dead lover leaves a footprint in the snow; a car crash victim escapes the wreckage and realises her problems have only just begun; a lucky penny brings fortune…at a price.< Less
The Haunted Grove By Tim Jeffreys
Paperback: $11.56
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"The Haunted Grove by Tim Jeffreys is a collection of nine tales of terror has something for everyone. There are short shorts and long shorts, with storylines from the straightforward to the... More > surreal. Themes range from the near-SF tone of “Three Winters”, through the mental powers of “The Thought She Blurted Out” to the magic of the title story. As a showcase of the author’s versatility, this collection serves its purpose well." The Horrorzine< Less
The Scenery of Dreams By Tim Jeffreys
Paperback: $10.70
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In this short story collection, Tim Jeffreys blends a curious mixture of genre and non-genre stories; throwing in elements of horror, science fiction, and black comedy to create a quirky and often... More > bleak set of stories. Characters frequently reach towards some dream or small slice of happiness, only to find their worlds crumbling around them. Lost men and women stumble through strange landscapes, knowing only the scenery of their dreams.< Less
Thief's Return By Tim Jeffreys
Paperback: $12.70
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Set in the war-torn world of Anhedonika, Thief's Return introduces the character of Jake, a nineteen-year-old pickpocket. At the start of the book, Jake has been arrested and is on his way to... More > Rotuhel, a vast crumbling prison situated on an island off the coast of his homeland. There he will come across a cast of characters who will change the course of his life. Jake's most important encounters, though, will be with Sarah, the beautiful preacher's charge; and Bragwen, the mysterious old man whom Jake has drawn to the prison. It is both Sarah and Bragwen who will give force to Jake's desire to escape from the prison, but not before there has been murder and revenge, stirrings of love, and promises made. Unknowingly, Jake has placed himself at the centre of a plot to bring about the ultimate downfall of Anhedonika's cruel and despotic ruler, known only as The Lord. Now he has a part to play. His journey begins here.< Less