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ALL THAT'S BEST OF TRUE AND LIGHT Nick Johnson is in a familiar situation. He's been asked to be the temporary coach of a University of Monroe Metrics team. Only this time, it is the Golden Metrics,... More > one of the school's Division III teams. Nick must adjust to life in the minor leagues of collegiate WBB, but he finds an extraordinary spirit and cast of characters in these unforgettable Golden Metrics. In addition to the new team there are appearances by other characters from the earlier novels, most notably Julia, Lady Dagger, now nearing the end of her storied WNBA career. Add in the Statue of Liberty, the Hall of the Amendments, a haunted old hotel, the gym they call the Bill, and the familiar patter of sneakered feet on hardwood floors and you will be back in the funny, bittersweet world of the All That's Best series of March Madness novels.< Less
Time Goes By Like Pouring Rain By Mark Fogarty
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If you like rock and roll, baseball and beautiful women, Sheridan City, NJ is heaven on earth! The Inner Jersey city has a thriving club scene, a perceptive weekly rock newspaper, and a minor league... More > baseball team that plays in an old stadium by the Third River. One passionate summer, a rock writer follows the ups and downs of the Holy Fools, a band destined for immortality but not popular success. But who is to say what success really means? In a Friday night rock club like the One Four Five or the Barn, the Fools, fronted by the sexy Mink and the alluring Arya, are everything you can hope for. In part two of Time Goes By Like Pouring Rain, a Sheridan City native haunts the jazz clubs of the city where a mysterious singer named Carrie performs in a glamorous disarray. Slowly his vision turns to the fate of his neighbors, newcomers to the city, who show him how Sheridan City can be the stage to illuminate the greatness of America.< Less
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Part 2 of the Sheridan City trilogy is split between Sheridan City and its rival Inner Jersey rock city, New Brunswick. The Saintes are the kings of a place that has two Friday nights and perpetual... More > excitement. But is it enough for Randy New Brunswick or must he seek his happiness elsewhere?< Less
Christmas Cheer By Mark Fogarty
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Do you like Christmas? Do you like talking cats who solve mysteries? Have you ever wanted to time travel back to the Triassic? Swap spells with Harry Potter? Take a ride on the space shuttle? With... More > the poems and stories of Christmas Cheer you can. Also, what was your favorite CHristmas? One where the cousins posed as Charlie's Angels, the great grandfather said the grace, and the presents were stacked as high as the kids' heads was one of the most memorable the author has seen, and the story of it is here. Finally if you like Mad Libs, there are a couple of scrambled Christmas Carols here!< Less