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The Greatest Horror Movie Ever Made By Paul Counelis
Paperback: $11.99
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WHAT IS THE GREATEST HORROR MOVIE EVER MADE? Paul Counelis tries to answer that impossible question by making the case for ten of the most popular horror flicks ever to terrorize the screen. Witty,... More > informative and thoughtful commentary highlight this collection. With “Greatest Horror Movie” lists by industry pros from writers, musicians, directors, horror hosts and actors. With a foreword by author Glen Birdsall and an amazing cover illustration by artist Roger Scholz!< Less
25 Underrated Horror Films (and The Exorcist) By Paul Counelis
Paperback: $13.49
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There are classic horror films...and then there are these. Some of the films in this book are reviled by fans; Rue Morgue columnist and author Paul Counelis attempts to defend the merits of some of... More > his favorite, much maligned horror movies, and names his choice for the greatest horror film ever made: THE EXORCIST. Plus: some of the genre's brightest pros make their own "Top 5 Underrated Horror Films" lists, including well known actors, directors and writers! Stunning new cover by LOREN GILLESPIE III< Less
Monster Kid Origins By Paul Counelis
Paperback: $8.99
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EVERYONE who loves horror starts somewhere. For many, it's with the classic icons of the UNIVERSAL MONSTERS. For some, it's the colorful wit of the SCOOBY-DOO gang. For still others, it's the sights... More > and sounds that swoop in and overtake the imaginations of young and old alike every single Halloween season, where the werewolves howl and the monsters mash. MONSTER KID ORIGINS examines those examples and so many more, delving into the goodies that make a horror culture fan what they are. Learn more about some popular favorites and obscure gems alike with this concise, witty volume. Spotlighted inside: MR. BOOGEDY, DISNEY'S HALLOWEEN TREAT, MY BABYSITTER'S A VAMPIRE, CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST and so many more< Less