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Monster Kid Origins By Paul Counelis
Paperback: $8.99
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EVERYONE who loves horror starts somewhere. For many, it's with the classic icons of the UNIVERSAL MONSTERS. For some, it's the colorful wit of the SCOOBY-DOO gang. For still others, it's the sights... More > and sounds that swoop in and overtake the imaginations of young and old alike every single Halloween season, where the werewolves howl and the monsters mash. MONSTER KID ORIGINS examines those examples and so many more, delving into the goodies that make a horror culture fan what they are. Learn more about some popular favorites and obscure gems alike with this concise, witty volume. Spotlighted inside: MR. BOOGEDY, DISNEY'S HALLOWEEN TREAT, MY BABYSITTER'S A VAMPIRE, CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST and so many more< Less
Michigan Paranormal: Haunted Flint By Paul Counelis
Paperback: $5.00
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Every town has its myths and legends. Every city has the tales spoken in hushed voices over campfires, passed down in awe from generation to generation. The city of Flint, Michigan is no... More > different. Michigan was #11 on the list of paranormal reported activity for three years running. Paul Counelis (Flint Comix, Rue Morgue) takes us through a concise look at some of the stories and the people who have experienced them, with fascinating first hand accounts.< Less
Riley Maine and Her Kitten Fain By Paul Counelis
Paperback: $6.99
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Meet Riley Maine! The funny little girl and her mischievous little kitten on their first adventure!
Kendall Kingsley and the Secret of the Scarecrow By Paul Counelis
Paperback: $7.99
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Kendall Kingsley and her best friend Bailey are getting ready to throw the biggest Halloween party their school has ever seen! But Kendall finds out something about the old scarecrow that stands in... More > the corn field behind her house...something that she thinks no one else will believe. Why is the scarecrow following her, and why can't anyone else see it?< Less