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More Money for Pensioners: How to Survive On a Lousy State Pension and Claim Your OAP Benefits & Entitlements By Martin Woodward
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Completed late January 2014 this superb new book has been written specifically to help struggling UK pensioners increase their income and reduce their expenditure. Easy to read, very informative and... More > entertaining! Whether you are income rich and property poor; or property rich and income poor; or just poor - this book will make you money and save you money! Some of the items included are: ● Why the poorest in society pay most for everything (and what to do about it); ● How to claim the benefits that you are entitled to and probably didn’t even know about - quick easy calculator included; ● How you can move to a more expensive property without risking a penny; ● How Andy Pandy and Looby Loo increased their income by 22% just by taking a luxury cruise; ● How to save money on just about everything; ● Mobile phones; ● How to get free Internet; ● Comparison websites; ● Solar panels and wind turbines; ● Dealing with debt and other finances; ● Equity release; ● Plus much more.< Less
Piano / Keyboard Scales, Chords & Arpeggios In Keyboard and Notation View: A Complete Beginners Reference Book By Martin Woodward
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Included in this book is the following: • An explanation of scale construction; • Every major and minor scale (melodic and harmonic) in both music notation and keyboard view; • Major... More > & minor pentatonic scales and blues scales in the most used keys in both music notation and keyboard view; • Scale modes in most major keys; • Major & minor arpeggios in every key; • Arpeggio & broken chords exercises; • Chord Construction; • Chord Substitution; • Chord Inversions & fingering; • Audio links for all examples; • Piano Chord Charts in keyboard view showing just about every chord that you will ever need including 7ths, 9ths, augmented, diminished etc. and how to play an affective 13th chord with just four notes; • Free music notation and recording software. All in all this is probably the most extensive scale, chords arpeggio book available.< Less
Keyboard / Piano Improvisation One Note At a Time! - Learn to Improvise From Scratch! By Martin Woodward
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Absolutely everything you need to know is included in this book - from buying your first keyboard to learning advanced techniques and scales. Coil bound to conveniently lay flat on your keyboard... More > stand. No previous knowledge is required. Items dealt with include: Easy, affective finger exercises; Learning to read music; Chord construction; Chord Fingering; Diatonic Chords; Chord charts in keyboard view; Conventional Scales and Arpeggios; Pentatonic Scales (in keyboard view); Scale Modes; Improvisation exercises with mp3 examples (via web link); Free Music Notation and Recording Software; In all over 140 A4 pages of quality information! In order to make this book complete for absolute beginners, some of the chapters are the same as my other book 'Learn How to Play Electronic Keyboard / Piano in a Week' - but in essence the two books move off in different directions.< Less
Learn How to Play Electronic Keyboard or Piano In a Week! (Coil Bound Version) By Martin Woodward
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Ok, first let me make it clear that by ‘learn in a week’ I’m not suggesting that you’re going to be a virtuoso at the end of this period – especially if you an absolute... More > beginner. However I assure you that the methods included in my guide will show you the fastest and easiest way to learn finger dexterity and genuine music notation. And furthermore are geared towards all styles of music (classical / pop / jazz etc.) and applicable to both piano and electronic keyboard. In brief my guide explains: Choosing the right keyboard for your needs; Initial finger exercises that don’t even require a keyboard; How to read music from scratch; Every major/minor scale and arpeggio in every key; Pentatonic & Blues Scales; Chord construction in a way that can be understood; Chord charts for every chord in keyboard view; The best proven finger exercises available; How to make boring scales and arpeggios interesting and fun to practice; Practice pieces; How to play from a fake book; Plus More! COIL BOUND EDITION< Less