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Pasquotank County, N.C. - Road Records - Vol. 3 (1830-1894) By Stewart Dunaway
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Pasquotank County was formed in 1668 from Albemarle County – the original county (1664 – abolished in 1739). This is clearly one of the oldest in the State, as the east coast was... More > certainly the beginning. Pasquotank (along with other counties) was reduced in size in 1729 with the formation of Tyrell and then again in 1777, with the formation of Camden Co. This is the third volume in this large collection of records. There are four fibred boxes, of which one volume per box is scheduled (as time permits). However, after reviewing the fourth and final box, I found a mix of records – some modern DOT-like records, and the remaining old petitions etc. One important folder is the undated folder which can contain very old records. This folder represents ALL undated records for the entire 4-box collection. Therefore, this book is the last edition and contains everything but the 20th century folders and many overseer appointments etc.< Less
Perquimans County, N.C. - Road and Bridge Records - (1711-1799) Vol 1 By Stewart Dunaway
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Perquimans County (on the east coast of N.C.) has the oldest County road records (original documents) in the State Archives (1711). This collection of records represents some of the oldest in the... More > state, and provides insight to the early colonial era road and bridge situations. This is the first of many records for this county. Additional volumes may be completed in the future. Pasquotank, Bertie, and Chowan Counties are also being added. This book also includes part of the “Float Bridge” records for Hertford.< Less
Land Confiscation Records of North Carolina - Vol. 1(1779-1800) By Stewart Dunaway
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This book contains images of the original records, as preserved by the State Archives (Raleigh). These records are transcribed and cataloged (including detailed indexing) to assist researchers as... More > they delve into the difficult area of Land Confiscation. In NC, land was confiscated by Act of Assembly, for those people who remained loyal to the King during the American Revolution. These records are primarily documenting Henry E. McCulloh’s land, although, Fanning, Tryon, Josiah Martin, and Milner are included. In this volume are the records for Chatham, Guilford, Montgomery, Orange, Randolph, and Wake County. This book includes data tables and some maps to assist researchers. Orange County has the largest quantity of records, and data tables were included with numerous sorts to assist researching this collection.< Less
Pasquotank County, N.C. - Road Records - Vol. 2 (1810-1829) By Stewart Dunaway
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This is the second volume of road records for this county. The earliest records are contained in Vol 1. Also the Mill and Ferry Records are contained in a dedicated volume. The remaining records are... More > being transcribed, with the third volume being planned soon hereafter. This book is indexed by surname (Last, First), locale (streams, roads) and key word (deceased, widow, death etc.) in order to assist researchers "mine" all information found in this collection. As with most of these county records, this collection included miss-filed records, such as estate divisions, and even a legal matter about a person running without clothes on in the county.< Less