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Heaven-Sent By Raymond Johnson
Paperback: $5.75
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Following the adventures of a mysterious fairy-like girl this trilogy of tales chronicles key aspects of her life, starting from her humble beginnings, leading to her celebrity status, then finally... More > her metamorphosis into legend. Told through her own eyes, which at times look upon the world with a naïve innocent view, these stories explore myth of fairies as well as adding an extra dimension as to their origins. These stories are sweet in nature and designed to leave you with a happy feeling whether you believe in fairies or not.< Less
Effluo Insula - The Trilogy By Raymond Johnson
Paperback: $13.02
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The two neighbouring kingdoms of Adalmar and Liviana enjoy a fragile peace whilst in a perpetual state of cold war ready to attack at a moment's notice. A group of religious cultists kidnap a... More > princess with the intention of brutally sacrificing her to a mythical beast. Under the ensuing chaos a new hero rises from the anarchy with the rescue of the princess being the first priority in a new order of peace. Vern sets out alone upon her rescue in order to prevent the war as well as save her life. However, Vern's father the king of Adalmar, has other ideas and sends a troop of elite soldiers to prevent the rescue and bring Vern home. It eventually comes to light that all is not as it seems and the religious cult may not be as evil as everyone believes them to be. This trilogy of tales consists of all three Effluo Insula stories chronicling the strange and mystical events that have taken place upon the island.< Less
Kurai By Raymond Johnson
Paperback: $13.32
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Following the course of a sexually frustrated woman's sex life, this trilogy of stories details her erotic adventures as she delves ever deeper into the secret world of sadomasochism, increasing her... More > sexual appetite and leading to a dramatic conclusion. As well as her own story of her initiation into BDSM culture, events are also described by a male sex slave who befriends her, as well as a female escort she meets along the way. For adults only. This book is literotica and contains straight, lesbian and gay male sex scenes.< Less
Vespera Vampire By Raymond Johnson
Paperback: $8.33
Prints in 3-5 business days
Set in the early years of the 17th century this trilogy of tales follows the gradual decline of a vampire sect and their ongoing fight for survival, beginning with them having to change their feeding... More > habits and ending with their eventual demise. Told through the eyes of Vespera herself and her half-breed cousin Lamia, as well as one of the many human victims, these stories explore the deep seeded emotion of fear and how it effects not only the victim but also the perpetrator. As a word of warning this collection is absolutely not for the fainthearted. This book was written for horror fans and pulls no punches when describing despicable acts of grotesque violence as well as gory scenes of vampire bites.< Less