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"The Red Pill: Skepticism, Sovereignty, and Common Law By Randy Stroud
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There is an unknown distinction between law and common law. Legislative laws are the product of a corrupt assembly line, containing clauses that primarily aides the global elite, while confusing and... More > imprisoning the uninformed populus. In this title, the reader will be exposed to Common Law and the marginalized truth regarding the motives behind Imperialistic US Foreign policy, the growing Police state, the Prison Industrial Complex, and the destruction of voluntarism by means of illegal taxation,the destruction of our civil liberties or other forms of coercive government threats, masquerading as "Law". Common Law is Common sense, and is inherent amongst common People.< Less
HR- House Resolution By Randy Stroud
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America is in need for a revolution. It was Thomas Jefferson who said, "From time to time, the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants." Every hundred years... More > or so, every country has a revolution, and I believe that the USA is long overdue for one. In this manifesto, I present commentary on establishment organizations such as the military industrial complex, religion, the federal reserve, civil liberties, and end the book with a few bills that I myself would love to see passed as a future congressman. While you may not agree with all of my words, I believe that this manifesto will lead your thought processes in a new thought provoking direction. Complete with historical case studies, war commentaries, and information on colonial scrip and monetary policies.< Less
Why: The Greatest Question Ever Asked By Randy Stroud
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The greatest question ever asked can be summed up with one word....."Why"? Why has propelled us into a world filled with religion, politics, philosophy and a great lack of understanding... More > within world-culture. In this publication, I seek to challenge the status-quo and address topics that many politicians and world leaders refuse to touch. Foreign policy, religion, revolutionary movements, and what is at stake for our future generations. Remove the chains of nationalism and dare to see the other side of the coin. Dare to think for yourself, and question authority.< Less
SanshouXingYiQuan: And commentaries on modern martial arts By Randy Stroud
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Truly an inspirational,motivating, and informative read for non-martial artists and martial artists alike. Chopped full of commentary, training tips, nutrition, and contains a hefty amount of... More > resources for injures. The Author has fought in Kyokushin, MMA, sanshou, Bjj, sport Karate, and has heavily trained in the internal martial arts as well various other chinese and non-chinese arts such as Krav Maga. There hasn't been a good book on martial commentary since Bruce Lee's commentaries on the martial way. This book will specifically address the challenges that martial artists TODAY face. "SanshouXingYiQuan:& Commentaries on Modern Martial Arts" is full of stories that entertain, baffle, and may even anger a few alike. This publication also offers realistic advice for knife defense, gun defense, criminal psychology, and situational awareness. Being that the author is heavily involved in the chinese martial art of "XingYiQuan" A respective practitioner will gain an additional benefit in realistic CMA application< Less