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Letters. Part One By Carlos Porter
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A collection of letters received by Carlos W. Porter, with his replies. An excerpt: Reader: Laughably, you think that pointing out the incredible methods of murder alleged at Nuremberg somehow makes... More > them untenable. Carlos Porter: Makes what untenable? Do you really believe that the “steam chambers”, “electrical chambers”, “vacuum chambers”, and the other obvious lies, most of them of Soviet origin, do not rather tend to discredit the Nuremberg evidence and judgment, even just a little bit? Reader: Unfortunately, this is precisely why the Holocaust will continue to live on in human memory. C.P.: No doubt, because Jews will produce thousands of books, comic books, movies, and television shows about their “suffering”, often in admitted works of fiction. You can turn on the television any hour of the day or night in any country on the face of the earth, and there will always be at least one show about “poor persecuted Jews” and their endless “suffering” and “sensitivity”. Don’t you think this has gone far enough?< Less
Requiem for Rhodesia By Carlos Porter
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REVIEWS: "In re-reading this brilliant essay one should be reminded that the author was only 26 years old at the time and had not been brought up in Africa. Considering that, it is truly... More > remarkable that he could have been so unfashionably 'illiberal' and so insightful into the African psyche." (From the Bantu Education Blog) "He was dead on." "I hope more people read it, and think about how things have turned out." "Excellent summary of the situation as it was at that time." "A fact-packed read that is very hard to digest." "A sobering lengthy read... In Africa today cities and towns that once were models of grace, order, efficiency and development have either turned into sprawling urban crime-ridden slums with gridlocked traffic jams, or are decaying quietly away as the jungle and wilderness slowly reclaim what once was theirs." (From the New Rhodesian Forum)< Less
French Gestapo Trials and Other Articles By Carlos Porter, Vincent Reynouard
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About five years ago, Vincent Reynouard had a brain-storm, one of the smartest revisionist ideas ever: he took the trouble to compare the accusations made against the Gestapo at Nuremberg, by the... More > French, with the post-war French trials of the same personnel, involving the same cases, the same victims, the same witnesses. What he found was that the evidence and accusations were not the same: the accusations made at Nuremberg in these same cases were practically forgotten. The French Gestapo articles in this volume constitute some of the best proof ever that the Nuremberg “evidence” was just lies, all lies. The articles in this book are scholarly, serious and well-researched. Read this book carefully. Do you find anything blasphemous? Obscene? Racist? Heretical? Anything jeopardizing or undermining our Christian heritage, public decency and morals, the fundamentals of our civilization? You be the judge.< Less
Crimes Against the Wehrmacht By Carlos Porter, Franz Seidler
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Franz W. Seidler is a Professor of Modern History at the University of the Bundeswehr, Munich. Dr. Seidler’s principal field of research is World War II. This book is intended to provide a... More > picture of the dangers posed to every German soldier by the Red Army’s conduct of partisan warfare in violation of international law. The book provides full documentation of over 300 Soviet war crimes committed in 1941-1942, accompanied by exact descriptions, many of them proven in detail by eyewitness statements and horrifying photographic evidence. Even Goebbels’ propaganda ministry was compelled to keep silent about these atrocities for fear of their possible effects on the morale of the domestic front. Only now is the full truth of the matter revealed. The photographs – more than 100 of them – are enough to make the reader’s blood run cold. The book is a shocking indictment of an army which committed truly shocking, and unpunished, war crimes – Stalin’s Red Army.< Less

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