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Nem bunos Nurnbergben By Carlos Porter
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Tajekozatlan ember szamara a "nurnbergi haborus buncselekmenyek bunvadi eljarasai", adjak a vegso bizonyitekot a nemet vezetes bunossegevel kapcsolatban, a masodik vilaghaboru elotti es... More > alatti idokben. Az eljarasi atiratok azonban, egy teljesen mas tortenetet vazolnak. Ez a kotet tartalmazza az alperesek vedelemi erveleset, es azt bizonyitja, hogy a vizsgalatok minden jogi precedenst es bizonyitasi eljarasmodot megszegtek a konyvben. Az alperesek nem hallgathattak ki a "tanukat", a nyilvanvaloan hamisitott dokumentumokat elfogadtak mint valodiakat kerdes nelkul, es a gyanusitottak kinzasara vallo bizonyitekokat, egyszeruen csak kihuztak a birak parancsolatara. Ezen tulmenoen, a kirivoan ellentmondasokkal teli ugyeszsegi ervek (melyben a nemeteket pontosan ugyanavval a viselkedessel vadoltak, mint amiket a szovetsegesek mutattak a haboru alatt), valamint az alperesek altal talalt meggyozo ellenervek, izgalmas bepillantast adnak az 1946-os "lynch-mob" eljarasokba, amit "birosagi targyalasnak" alcaztak.< Less
Germany v. Porter By Carlos Porter
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Very little is published on the repression of dissenting historical research and political opinion in Europe. "Censorship" is something that happens only in Burma, China, Turkey, Egypt, and... More > other far-away places. Censorship in Europe is simply a "matter of criminal law"! The "law" is almost completely one-sided and the defendants are almost invariably so-called "right-wingers" and "nationalists". In Germany, dissidents can be charged with 3 different offences: "popular incitement", "incitement to racial hatred", and "defaming the dead". The statute of limitations is 10 years, as against 3 or 6 for most serious felonies. No transcripts are made of oral argument before the courts, and no substantive defense is possible: defendants are permitted to argue technicalities only. Lawyers "guilty" of defending their clients too vigorously are commonly imprisoned as well. One case, however – the records of which are reproduced here – took an unexpected turn when the wild-card defendant refused to cooperate...< Less
War Crimes Trials and Other Essays By Carlos Porter
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Approximately 10,000 "War Crimes Trials" have been held since 1945. Trials of Japanese military personnel ended in 1949, yet "war crimes trials" of Germans and Eastern Europeans... More > continue to date. Almost invariably, the charge is "violation of the laws and customs of war," derived, in turn, from international conventions signed at the Hague in 1899 and 1907. That these trials have little or no basis in law is clear from the wording of the treaties which are said to have been violated. The illegalities of "war crimes" proceedings include the admissibility of oral and written hearsay; the introduction of the concept of "conspiracy" into international law (unknown prior to 1945); the total lack of any pre-trial inquest or forensic evidence; and trial before a court itself composed of actual "war criminals."< Less
Made in Russia: The Holocaust By Carlos Porter
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Many people consider the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials as final evidence of German guilt during World War II. This book reproduces the actual International Military Tribunal (IMT) documents used in... More > that trial, revealing an astonishing concoction of forgeries, lies and outrageous fabrications which were presented—and accepted—as fact by the court, such as: steam chambers, electrical chambers, instant cremations with atomic energy, and many others. These original reproductions show the manner in which the Germans were blamed for the Soviet-atrocities at Katyn and normal court produces and rules of evidence were abandoned in what was little more than a medieval witch hunt, conducted according to medieval legal procedures and methods of proof. This is an indispensable guide for anyone wishing an introduction to the actual IMT documents, reproduced in facsimile, instead of someone’s “interpretation” of them.< Less