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Everyday Selling By Paul Archer
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As a Sales Coach, I continuously relate sales strategies to everyday events. Join me as I live my life and remind you of sales ideas, energise you with sales tips, in this short-story packed sales... More > coaching tool. Everyday Selling is a fresh new approach to teaching skills of the professional salesperson. Fresh for two reasons: One, it takes you along a different cycle - the customer's buying cycle and ditches the now defunct sales process of old - replacing it with one that hugs closely and intimately the steps your buyer now takes. Because, believe me, these steps have changed hugely over the last few years. More on this shortly. Secondly, I want to illustrate tips and techniques through the medium of story, metaphor and parallels so the messages have a hypnotic effect and help you to see them immediately and apply them to your everyday world of selling in the second decade of the 21st Century.< Less
Frontline Sales Coaching By Paul Archer
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This book is dedicated to those who want to increase and improve the performance of their sales team and keep them highly motivated and accomplishing beyond expectations. My focus will be on the... More > frontline, the coal face, being with the salesperson as I believe the sales coaches role is to be with their people at all times. Helping them, guiding, supporting and above all coaching them. So if you’re the sales coach that likes to drive your desk, handle head office problems, immersing themselves into politics and projects and keeping an eye on your sales people through a CRM dashboard, then this book is not for you.< Less
Train the Trainer of the 21st Century By Paul Archer
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Professional training in the 21st Century sees us competing against video, the internet and interactive TV. At the moment, though, we still have one major advantage – the human connection. We... More > still have humans in a room looking to learn from us, so we need to have some new technology open to us to compete. After over 22 years of training trainers, I’ve collected all my thoughts, tips and techniques and combined them into this workbook which will accelerate your learning on the noble art of corporate training.< Less
CeMAP 1 Active Learning Workbook By Paul Archer
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Archer Training's CeMAP 1 Active Learning Workbook is a unique complement to help you study for your CeMAP 1 paper. It's full of quizzes, tests, case studies, activities, crosswords, games...all... More > designed to help you actively study, and that's been proven to produce better results for you.< Less