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Managing Vital E-Records By Robert F. Smallwood, Institute for Information Governance
Paperback: $99.99
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This crisp new Management Primer - updated for 2016 - neatly lays out Vital Records basics and then goes further by harvesting a wide range of research and Best Practices for managing vital e-records... More > and distills it clearly and concisely for you. Vital records programs and practices from around the globe are surveyed and analyzed to help your organization to create, update, maintain, audit and test your vital records program. Some of the latest technologies such as cloud computing are analyzed, and critical legal statutes and regulations are considered and presented in a readable, digestible format. Printed in FULL COLOR, this Management Primer is packed with the latest advice and information on establishing and maintaining a vital records program specifically for e-records. Varying approaches are presented, and a step-by-step process is laid out and explained in this current guide, researched by a leading expert in the field. FREE 45-minute VITAL RECORDS TRAINING VIDEO - just email us your order number!< Less
Information Governance & Records Management for Social, Mobile & Cloud By Robert F. Smallwood, Institute for Information Governance
Paperback: $129.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
"SoMoClo" - short for Social, Mobile and Cloud - are three facets of the same movement and an everyday reality for consumers and businesses. The momentum is undeniable and the changes in... More > technology and the business environment make it difficult for organizations to develop successful, practical Information Governance (IG) policies and records management (RM) practices. This new Management Guide, printed in full-color, is written in clear, concise terms to assist managers in analyzing and formulating meaningful and effective policies. It also goes into detail on RM Best Practices that are emerging to help manage the morass that is SoMoClo in today's business environment. You will read about social computing trends and tools, mobile device BYOD policies, and cloud computing caveats and considerations. Take a test drive and preview this new publication now! SPECIAL OFFER - FREE 90 days SoMoClo video training series access- just email us your order number.< Less
Retention & Disposition Schedules for E-Records By Robert F. Smallwood, Institute for Information Governance
Paperback: $149.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
This full-color Management Guide lays out in great detail the rationale and steps for developing retention and disposition schedules for e-records specifically, and all records (including paper and... More > all other media). A clear, step-by-step process is laid out in this new comprehensive Management Guide. It cites GARP® as guidance and includes sections on records inventorying, retention principles, event-based retention and disposition, retention schedule benefits, scope, and key tips in collecting data from surveys and interviews. It also covers the thorny issues of email retention and records declaration, how your organization's Business Classification Scheme (BCS) and taxonomy come into play, and key things to know about metadata management. The is a critical resource for all records, risk, IG, and compliance managers. Check out the Table of Contents and preview a sample -- then buy this complete Management Guide today! SPECIAL BONUS - free 1 hour companion training video - email us with your order number!< Less
Inventorying Electronic Records By Robert F. Smallwood, Institute for Information Governance
eBook (PDF): $115.99
New guidance that differs from past approaches proffered by experts is offered in this publication. The records inventory is the crucial step in developing retention schedules, and uncovering records... More > management inefficiencies. Inventorying e-records is particularly challenging. This new 2016 guide provides the detailed roadmap needed to conduct an inventory of records, including electronic records. It helps to form the goals, purpose and scope of the inventory, and it goes further into the details of survey development and interview techniques, providing real-world examples. It will help the practitioner to plan, organize, gain support, and carry out the records inventory. It offers several models, including recent recommendations from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), and the government of the U.K. This new guide is an essential tool for all records managers and those launching IG programs. BONUS: FREE INVENTORYING TRAINING VIDEO - just email us with your order number!< Less