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Fossils By Robert A. Webster
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When Charles Clark’s wife passed away, he thought life without his beloved Mary would be unbearable. Charles knew that his middle-aged children, who had families of their own, didn't want him... More > burdening them, which is why they dumped him into Fossdyke residential home. However, unbeknownst to Charles this was not going to be end of his life story, but the beginning of a new chapter.< Less
Spice By Robert A. Webster
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After almost thirty years of searching, Ravuth at last feels hopeful. He thought about the last time he has seen his parents and his mischievous bother, was when they were herded off like animals... More > along with the rest of villagers by the Khmer Rouge. His hands tingle and his throat feel dry as he tries to picture what they look like now. He could only imagine what they have been through. Where have they been living? Does my brother now have a family of his own? Will they remember me? His thoughts are in turmoil. His eardrums then pop and his stomach churns as the plane comes in to land. Although very gripping, Spice is an amusing adventure.< Less
PATH: The Return of the Reich By Robert A. Webster
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Paranormal Assisted Treasure Hunters. Three psychics use their unique gifts to mediate between the mortal and spirit world. Commissioned by lost souls, they find hidden treasure, which they give to... More > the mortal beneficiary's. This particular adventure finds the team investigating a plot that was conceived during World War II and instigated in the present day. The Return of the Reich< Less
Siam Storm By Robert A. Webster
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The theft from a secluded Buddhist temple of a small golden bejeweled box containing the two- thousand-five-hundred year-old wisdom teeth of Buddha, sends the sole surviving combatant monk, Pon, on a... More > quest to recover the stolen treasure from the perpetrator, Dam, and his greedy employer, Toohey. Pon’s search leads him into Cambodia and, although he finds Toohey, Dam, along with the relic, has gone to Pattaya, Thailand, Three Englishmen, Stu, Spock and Nick, who are on their first holiday to Thailand, accidently stumble across the small golden box that contain the holy remnants and, being unaware of the significance of the contents, they replace them with Nick’s false teeth, after he was involved in an accident. Pon catches up with the three and after a few calamitous adventures, and with Pon unaware of the new contents, the box is returned.< Less