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Donald Featherstone’s War Games Battles and Manoeuvres with Model Soldiers The Book That Launched Modern Wargaming By John Curry, Donald Featherstone
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Donald Featherstone's classic wargaming book, War Games, was first published in 1962. It was largely responsible for turning a somewhat obscure hobby into a popular pastime across the world. This... More > revised edition includes new material including a foreword by Paddy Griffith. There are five sets of classic rules in the book: -Tony Bath’s Ancient Wargaming Rules -Lionel Tarr’s Modern Wargaming rules. (Modern being WWII) -American Civil Wargaming Rules -Simple WWII rules -Skirmish rules for colonial warfare Each set is clearly explained. There are also three accounts of ealy wargames; a battle from the fantasy world of Hyboria, an American Civil War action and the encounter on the St James Road between the British Grenadier Guards and the German panzer grenadiers in WWII. The book is a piece of wargaming history and is published as part of the History of Wargaming Project.< Less
Bruce Quarrie's Tank Battles in Miniature Vol 3 A Wargamer’s Guide to the North-West European Campaign 1944-1945 By John Curry, Bruce Quarrie
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Bruce Quarrie (1947-2004) was a prolific author and military historian. He wrote over forty titles, mostly on the Second World War, and edited many more. Len Deighton described him as "one of... More > our most meticulous and well-informed historians”. This outstanding work was a detailed introduction to the campaigns to the Western Front 1944-45. The book includes ready-to-use wargaming rules to allow the reader to take command; perhaps of an amphibious Sherman tank landing on a Normandy beach or a King Tiger during the Battle of the Bulge. Specially written for the wargamer, it has a detailed guide to the German and Allied armies in 1944-45, complete with weapon and vehicle data and section such diverse subjects as airborne landings and naval gunfire support. Bruce Quarrie’s classic book on wargaming the Western Front has been reproduced by the History of Wargaming Project as part of the Tank Battles in Miniature Series.< Less
Donald Featherstone’s Wargaming Campaigns By John Curry, Donald Featherstone
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This book covered straightforward methods of setting up and running such campaigns. It deals with topics ranging from map making, attrition and the issue of smaller forces delaying larger ones.... More > Included are twenty-one examples of wargaming campaigns through the ages. Covering periods from the Dark Ages to World War II, each campaign was specially chosen by Don to illustrate different aspects of such games and options for the wargamer to consider. Each game was based around sketch maps and straightforward rules to allow groups of wargamers to experience command at the operational level. This book was originally published under the title of ‘War Game Campaigns’. The History of Wargaming Project is edited by John Curry and aims to bring classic wargaming books and rules to a modern audience.< Less
Andrew Wilson’s The Bomb and the Computer The History of Professional Wargaming 1780- 1968 By John Curry, Andrew Wilson
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Andrew Wilson’s 1968 book was the first to describe for the general reader the evolution of the war game as a serious, and sometimes unreliable, military planning tool. The author was the... More > Defence Correspondent to the Observer Newspaper. He was granted special access to the Pentagon and other secret sources of information and interviewed many leading experts on policy-making on both sides of the Atlantic. The result was an authoritative and readable work on the subject that was directly related to the precarious balance of power in the Cold War. The book demonstrates how crucial war games were in American weapon development, foreign policy and war fighting plans during the dark days of the Cold War. The book is published by the History of Wargaming Project as part of a series to make key developments in wargaming available to the modern enthusiast.< Less

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