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Thomas Allen’s War Games Professional Wargaming 1945-1985 By John Curry, Thomas Allen
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In closely guarded rooms in the Pentagon, in think-tanks and colleges throughout the USA and Europe and deep in the heart of the Kremlin, games are being played. Games with stakes like no other... More > — the fate of the world. Super-sophisticated computers are used to rehearse the wars of the future from small-scale Middle Eastern conflicts to total Armageddon. The results of the WAR GAMES, secret until now, are startling - and alarming. Human players will not step over the nuclear threshold—so the Pentagon has devised games in which computers are the only players In the most realistic war games, NATO always loses to the Soviet bloc. The US Navy never allows its aircraft carriers to he sunk in any game or exercise. WAR GAMES draws on never-before-published secret material to take us into the closed world of those who play at destruction, showing how the games have developed and how they are played.< Less
The Coast Artillery War Game (1916) Early Naval Wargaming By John Curry, Major William Chamberlaine
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Chamberlin’s Coast Artillery Wargame (1916) was designed to train the coastal defence batteries of the United States in the procedures necessary to direct fire. It was a derivative of the... More > better known Fred Jane Naval Wargame. The foreword is written by Al Nofi. The game was played over a large floor based model of a harbor. The players looked down on this area from cubicals at the back of the room. From there, they could practice identifying ships, locating the enemy and giving appropriate fire control orders. The book has notes on locations of fortifications, batteries, reserve ammunition and tactical use of searchlights. It gives an example of planning of an assault on coastal batteries and how they should be used in defence. One of the key considerations is knowing when to hold one’s fire to avoid giving away batteries locations prior to the main attack.< Less
The Discovering Wargames Series and Bill Lamming’s Medieval Campaign and Battle Rules: Early Wargaming Rules Volume 5 By John Curry et al.
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John Tunstill, Arthur Taylor and Bill Lamming were some of the early wargamers who through their enthusiasm, knowledge and writing helped turn miniature wargaming into a worldwide hobby. This work... More > includes three books: John Tunstill’s Discovering Wargames- published by Shire Books. Arthur Taylor’s Rules for Wargaming - published by Shire Books. Bill Lamming’s tremendously popular Medieval Campaign and Battle Rules. Between these authors, they wrote a large range of wargaming rules, from ancient to WW1 Air warfare. Tunstill’s work was an introduction to the hobby and the rules were introduced period by period throughout the whole book. Taylor assumed the reader was already familiar with wargaming and so included no less than 8 sets of rules in just 68 pages. The Lamming campaign rules were ahead of their time and allowed the creation of a medieval world to run detailed wargaming campaigns.< Less
Phil Dunn’s Your World at War Rules for Global Wargaming Campaigns 1939-45 Including Naval, Land and Air Operations By John Curry, Phil Dunn
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Phil Dunn, founder of the Naval Wargaming Society and author, presents his World War II era campaign rules. This book documents the rules for one of the classic wargaming campaigns of early British... More > Wargaming. Phil Dunn created global wargames using simple rules to allow players to run large scale world wars. Each player prioritises their production between naval, air and land forces and then decides on which units to build. Straightforward rules are used to control movement on the maps and arbitrate combat in the three domains of warfare. The battles can be resolved using dice rolls or, for critical battles, transferred to be fought out on the table top. The book also includes two smaller games which are eminently suitable for a solo wargamer; The Battle of Britain and Operation Sealion. This is Phil Dunn’s third wargaming book. The History of Wargaming Project is edited by John Curry. It aims to present the very best wargaming books and rules to a modern audience.< Less