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A Diary of Bedtime Stories By Jill Vance
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A Diary of Bedtime Stories is a book of fables with 21 illustrations. These are fairy stories with a difference as a mother tells her twin daughters stories from her childhood as adventures she... More > experienced. Each day the tale varies greatly; from fairies; Christmas Elves “out of season” and witches who dress in the colours of the rainbow, to nature coming to life; birds talking, water dancing in patterns and much more. Each story is magical and different, and each one takes you on a journey to different lands. The fact this is written as a diary with “Monday’s Story”, “Tuesday’s Story” and so on, means there is no need to wonder what story to choose; just pick the story for that day. These are suitable as bedtime reading for young children and as self-readers for young children aged around 9+.< Less
Simon Sunshine's New Friend By Jill Vance
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Simon Sunshine's New Friend is a short, illustrated children's story suitable for young children aged 3+ In this adventure Simon makes friends with a stray cat and gives it magic powers. Simon... More > Sunshine is a normal little boy some of the time, and other times he has magic powers and becomes a sorcerer. This is part of a series called “Simon Sunshine the Sorcerer’s™ Fun Adventures” by Jill Vance & Lou Pizzi.< Less
Simon Sunshine E Il Suo Nuovo Amico By Jill Vance
eBook (ePub): $1.52
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Simon Sunshine e il suo Nuovo Amico è un breve racconto illustrato adatto ai bambini dai 3 anni +. In questa avventura Simon trova un amico a sorpresa. Simon Sunshine a volte è un... More > bambino normale, altre invece diventa un mago con poteri magici. Questa storia è parte di una serie intitolata “Le Avventure di Simon Sunshine il Mago™” di Jill Vance & Lou Pizzi. Le storie coprono una vasta gamma di avventure e luoghi.< Less
Dark Between Shadows By Jill Vance
eBook (ePub): $3.07
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Dark Between Shadows is a collection of short stories, united only by having a twist in the tale. The plots range from speculative fiction to real crime with a smidgen of humour added. The length of... More > the tales varies too, from short and sweet to quite lengthy, so there is reading material to suit all tastes and situations. Surprises leap from the darkness to astound readers with the ending they least expect. Dark Between Shadows takes you down a winding path of alternating light and shade. Follow this path to the end; turn every corner, inspect each area, but beware. Hiding in the Dark Between Shadows are all manner of unexpected things. Things waiting to shock, astonish and surprise, ready to leap out and startle… you! This is the second book of short stories by Jill Vance. The first is The Other Side of the Door, a similar collection of short stories with unexpected endings.< Less