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World War III - The Second Exodus, Y'sra'el's Return Journey Home (Paperback) By Rabbi Simon Altaf
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How will the genetic Hebrews be taken back to the land? Are the present day Jews in Y’sra’el of ancient stock? Is there any prophecy of foreigners invading Y’sra’el and... More > inhabiting the land? How will G-d have war with Amalek and wipe them out and who is Amalek today? Why is the Church so confused about bible prophecy? How will the end come and how will the Y’sraelites go back home? Is this via the rapture or marching back on foot? What happens if we die in our exile? And many more questions answered. The time has come to expose the errors or others.< Less
WORLD War III, Salvation of the Jews (EBOOK) By Rabbi Simon Altaf
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How will the salvation of the Jews come about, will they convert to Christianity? Are the Jews in Israel the genetic children of Israel? Will the 3rd Temple be built before the coming of the... More > Messiah? Will we have a war with Iran and when? When will the Messiah come? Who is the prince of Ezekiel and why is he making sin sacrifices? Should we support the Jewish Aliyah to Israel? Rabbi Simon is the only Rabbi to look at the thorny issues that no one has addressed to date while many people mostly run with popular churchy opinions colored by bad theology by picking and choosing verses in isolation. Is modern Zionism biblical? Is Israel right to take over territories occupied by Palestinians today? Should people be selling up homes to go and live in Israel? All these questions and even more answered in this book the sequel to the popular prophecy book World War III - Unmasking the End-Times Beast.< Less
Hidden-Truths Hebraic Scrolls Brit Ha Khadasha e-book Study Guide By Rabbi Simon Altaf
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Increased are the poor in spirit (Matt 5:3). The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses' seat (Matt 23:2) what does it mean? Who was Simeon and why did he give the benediction to Yahushua in Luke... More > 2:25 as a baby? Who was Theophilus that Luke wrote to in Luke 1:3? Scrolls of the Brit Chadasha (NT) translation arranged in ancient first century order in the NT. Many other truths and accurate translation of the NT. Sacred names used instead of Lord and God. The real name Yahushua used instead of Jesus. The true people of God identified.< Less
Book of Yashar (ebook) By Rabbi Simon Altaf
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The book of Yashar (Jasher) has been translated from the original sources and with added commentary, corrected names of Elohim with the sacred names and with other missing text from the Hebrew. ... More > This will add to the gaps in your knowledge from the book of Genesis such as the following: -> What did the wicked do before the flood? -> Who were Abraham’s African ancestors? -> Did Abraham have two wives? -> What relationship did Abraham have with Eli’ezer? -> Did Isaac wait forty years to be married? -> Why did Sarah die so suddenly? -> Did Moses marry in Egypt? -> Moses, what colour? White or Black. -> Many other questions now answered.< Less