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Hidden-Truths Hebraic Scrolls Torah with Commentary Study Guide (ebook) By Rabbi Simon Altaf
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Digital Download 5th Edition Torah (Chumash): Often we have several questions who are the true Hebrews, where are tehy. On the narrative in Genesis what happened during the creation, why are there... More > two creation narratives Gen 1 and Gen 2? what caused Eve to eat the fruit, How did Adam participate when he was not even there? What enticed Cain to kill his brother? Where is the land of Nod? What caused God to test Abraham, who were the two servants of Abraham. What happened in Egypt, who was Balaam? Did you know that one text in Genesis was altered in reading by the scribes? Real Ancient Hebrew revealed. Many other questions answered in this text and study guide.< Less
Hidden-Truths Hebraic Scrolls Brit Ha Khadasha e-book Study Guide By Rabbi Simon Altaf
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Increased are the poor in spirit (Matt 5:3). The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses' seat (Matt 23:2) what does it mean? Who was Simeon and why did he give the benediction to Yahushua in Luke... More > 2:25 as a baby? Who was Theophilus that Luke wrote to in Luke 1:3? Scrolls of the Brit Chadasha (NT) translation arranged in ancient first century order in the NT. Many other truths and accurate translation of the NT. Sacred names used instead of Lord and God. The real name Yahushua used instead of Jesus. The true people of God identified.< Less
What is Truth? Paperback By Rabbi Simon Altaf
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In their quest for truth many people have traveled all over the world to the Buddhist Temples in Tibet, the Hindu Temples in India and some have gone to the pyramids of Egypt but is truth to be found... More > in these places? In a world confused with ideas and notions that at times have no value or substance are accepted for truth. What should be our definition of truth and how do we determine what we have found is really it? The Hebrews knew truth to be something that can be handled and experienced and not just an abstract idea. Absolute truth is something we can experience for ourselves and this should set us FREE from any bondage. This book is about to reveal what is absolute truth, the author knows that it is not a vague idea but a concrete reality that is about to unfold in your life and bring many increases to your life.< Less
Dear Muslim Meet YHWH The God of Abraham (ebook) By Rabbi Simon Altaf
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This book is for those people who want to follow the faith of Islam, Christians who have been looking at Islam to convert to it. This book will help these people not fall from the frying pan to the... More > fire. Including Muslims who are searching for eternal life through good deeds and seek to discover the reality of God. This book will challenge any Muslim’s faith and show by intensive, probing study as to why the Islamic theology does not lead to eternal life but unfortunately eternal death…hell.< Less