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The Intelligent Two : Murder On the Mothership By Pamela Lillian Valemont
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Ustean Cong wasn’t the smartest kid on the block, he was the juvenile male genius on the block. In that particular attribute, he was closely rivaled by Albertyne Lisbon, who lived next door.... More > As a result of winning the POTE Prize (People of the Earth) for Youth Scientific Advancement, both the Lisbon and Cong families had been invited to bring their gifted children to the nation’s capital to be trained in mind control and scientific mind development. They were part of the SMCAD scheme, (Scientific Mind Control And Development). Ustean and Albertyne had been lucky enough to be among those chosen to represent their country at the Annual Vitrolite Scientific Quantum Leap Convention, held in Bandosia, which city was considered outstanding to the Vitroleans, since it was rainbow coloured at the surface, quite unique on the planet. But what untoward event aboard the Mothership Gasguzzler Galactic bound for Bandosia, Capital City of the planet Vitrolite, threatened to halt the convention?< Less
Beauty Queen Murder - Allison Baden-Clay By Pamela Lillian Valemont
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A lone kayaker found her, lying as if asleep on the steep, muddy bank of Kholo Creek, where it adjoins the Brisbane River. her body and the river swollen from the torrential, Queensland April rains.... More > This is the story of the trial, interwoven with the forensic numerological profile of the three people involved in the murderous love triangle: Allison, former local beauty queen and mother of three young girls, her husband Gerard, and his lover Toni McHugh. This real life crime was committed in Brisbane, Australia in 2012. In July, 2014, Gerard Robert Baden-Clay, great-grandson of Scouting pioneer Lord Robert Baden-Powell, was given a life sentence of 25 years with the non-parole period set at 15 years. He is currently serving out that sentence at the Wolston Park Correctional Centre at Wacol, just kilometres away from where the murder was committed at Brookfield and Allison's body dumped. It is also only kilometres away from the town of Redbank, where his lovely bride, a country girl, grew up.< Less
Beauty Queen Murder - Allison Baden-Clay By Pamela Lillian Valemont
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The former beauty queen, Miss Brisbane 1993, married the man of her dreams, great-grandson of the founder of the Scouting Movement, Lord Baden-Powell. When they returned from their honeymoon, she was... More > a changed young woman. She had suffered severe side affects from Lariam, the anti-malarial drug. She never really recovered her mental health from that day. She had cyclical relapses of clinical depression, which began following the birth of her first baby. At first her husband was attentive and caring. Then the situation changed. One day, she went for her morning walk and never returned. A lone kayaker found her, lying on her side on the steep, slippery, muddy bank of Kholo Creek, where it adjoined the Brisbane River at Anstead. He might have got away with it, they might have presumed suicide; except for the forensic evidence that convicted him: three long, weeping, vertical gouges in his right cheek, where she clawed him with her fingernails in a desperate fight for her life. FULL COLOUR PRINTING INSIDE.< Less
Beauty Queen Murder - Allison Baden-Clay By Pamela Lillian Valemont
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It had all the ingredients of a classic whodunnit. Beautiful young woman, former beauty queen, marries the man of her dreams, the great-grandson of Lord Baden-Powell, scouting pioneer. Together they... More > produce three beautiful daughters. Then it all went horribly wrong. One morning, she left for her early morning walk and never came home. Her husband phoned the police. He said it was not like her. Ten days later, a lone kayaker found her, lying on her side on the steep, muddy bank of Kholo Creek where it adjoined the Brisbane River; her body and the muddy river swollen from the heavy April rains. Pamela Lillian Valemont, the world's first forensic numerological criminal profiler, details the amazing number correlations between the victim, the perpetrator and the third person involved in the love triangle that was to have such dire consequences for all three involved. The crime was to leave three little girls motherless, their father committed to prison for life. BLACK AND WHITE INTERIOR PRINTED VERSION.< Less